Wednesday, April 25, 2007

In Memory Of Miles

I wanted to make and share something in Memory of Miles.

Our Memories are precious to us.

Please Read about Miles on Christina's Blog

I read about Miles and his wonderful family first on Christina Renee's Blog. Right away I wanted to make something in return for such kindness and thoughtfulness.

In Memory of Miles.
Make your own little characters kit and ragbows.

Download Here!

Please leave a comment for Kelly on Christina's Blog at this link.

Little Girls Garden Part Two

This is the second part of Little Girls Garden.
As Always there are goodies that are not in the preview..and hopefully something you can use in preserving your precious memories.
On the pocket watch a background was added for the preview but it was made to insert a photo.
This Part was two big for just one download so Part Two comes in Two Parts
You can download them
Thank you for visiting and being a Part of my Garden!
Your comments dearly touch my heart and make my Garden a much nicer garden, then a person could ever plant by themselves.

Thank You For Your Gentle Kindness

I wanted to say thank you for your gentle kindness, and prayers. I made it back Saturday..from my moms funeral..and have just been resting mother had a lovely service...and I feel my mother with it brings me much comfort...she is in everything I do...I went home on angel wings...I know well like most of us..I did not have a dime to my name..I was crying and mario told me to go out and visit a friend...2 hours later...he called me at my friends house...and said come have an hour to pack...he had gone to all my friends and collected from them enough money to get me out on a plane...such gentle kindness..of others will be never forgotton...when I got there I told my I told you I would be here and I prayed..and the angels sent me here..I really got there from angels who love and much...

I got to spend 12 hours with her before she passed on...that night, I woke up and went to the sink to wash my hands..and as I washed my hands..It hit me ..these hands last touched my mothers face...and as I washed I asked myself what was the greatest thing she taught these hands...and then sat to a table and wrote this poem for her..

A Mother's Prayers Remembered...

I hesitated.
As the water flowed - over my hands.
These hands, these hands,
that last touched my mother's face.
These hands, in whom God had placed.

How they held me the day I was born
and nutured me through life.
My Hands
touching her face.
As the water flowed
from his hands
to her hands
to mine

As the water flowed and washed
these hands
that last touched my mother's face.

The greatest gift she taught these hands
were how to fold in faith.

Then the prayer...of Our Father..was said.

Thank you for your gentle kindness and prayers...with warmest regards, Joanne

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Just a quick note

This is just a quick post to say a warm and kind thank you for those who have kept me and my mom in their prayers..I am going home and getting a chance to be with my mom...and be there when the time comes...through the kindness of others..around me...God saw a tear and kissed it away with the smile of a friend..Thank you so very much with all of my heart.
When I am back home, I will post the next parts of the kit.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Little Girls Garden Part One

Little Girls Garden Part One
This is the first part of this months kit, I hope it will give you lots of pleasure.
There is as always more then what is in the preview.
All bits and pieces are created in 300 dpi..and..a few files have been left in layers
in case you wish to change a few things.
Download Here

I thank all the beautiful people who left comments, how truly touching a few chosen words can be and sometimes how the right thing will touch your heart at the right moment, like an angel brushed her wings over you and wrapped herself in love around you when you most needed it.
Yes, I believe in angels..

Last night, I received news..that it was just a matter of time before my mother would be passing on from this world...I live very away and can't get to see her but I know the angels will carry my prayers on wings..and kiss her as gently as I would if I could be there with her.
My mother is my first love.

Mr. Little is completely back to his normal self..he is such a dear little cat.

Can I speak a little dutch...if you could hear would laugh at my dutch..I could not roll a rrrr if I tried and watched many a smile from Mario and his fathers my attempts.
I think there are like 5 sounds in the dutch language that are in not in the English language..but if any of you have ever listened to a Newfoundlander know..that there are many words that have different meanings..poor hubby when we went to Newfoundland for our honeymoon..had me interpreting Newfoundlandize all the while we were there..but the one language that is in all languages is the language of the heart and a hug.

Enjoy.. and Thank you..hope something will be able to be used in creating your beautiful memories..

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Mr. Little

Click on the Preview to see full size.
Debbie Knorr PhotoBendits(
Misty Cato
WordArt From
sbbeatemcd06_BeautyJeri Ingalls
Old Paper from
KGD Julie Script from Digital Muse by Kimberly Geswein
We have been nursing our dear Mr. Little..
We had an unfortunate that..Mr. Little crawled into our dryer..when hubby was checking to see if the clothes was dry and left the door open while he got distracted..doing something else..then he went back and without thinking..closed the door and reset the dryer for it to finish drying..He is doing okay..and thank goodness the dryer was not on full heat or we would have lost this precious beautiful joy of ours..hubby is feeling terrible about this..but kitty is doing well..and we were very this area has no vet.
He is shook up..he spent 20 minutes in there..his ears are bruised..and his body sore..but he is eating, drinking..and going to the bathroom fine..and the curious little tiger was in the laundry room..pawing to open the door you believe that after all he went through..
I thought I would share this it never came to one of us that this could happen..
and if by telling it..I help others become aware it is a good thing. I guess that is why they say a cat has nine lives.

An Easter Basket for You

Click on Preview to see full size.
The photo is of Grand Lake, Labrador
Text reads
I would rather think of the sunshine then the rain.
Happy Easter
Find your Basket of Goodies Here.
And of course...there are lots not shown in the preview as a surprize for you this Easter
May you have a wonderful Holiday.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Little Girls Garden quick Page

Click on the previews to see the larger views.

I will start with the quick page and tag for this months kit..the quick page..only shows..a few things in it..the kit..actually has so much more...pretty what is in my blog header. I will leave March kit up until the end of April.

The Quickpage seems very plain..and is actually in two have to create the 5x7 first..which makes a nice printable well..and then you have to place your finished 5x7 on the .jpg background quickpage..The advantage of this is that later as you get more of the kit you can arrange and make your albums or layouts in many different ways.
One lady expressed to me that she was teaching her daughter scrapbooking and enjoyed quickpages as a place for her to I thought..starting each kit with a quick page would be a nice thing to do.

The alpha and 5x7 are in the quickpage download..unfortunately, I could not use the inscription I used on the preview layout as I do not know whose copyright it is. This to will allow you to put your own words to go with your picture.
You can download the quickpage here.
You can download the vellum rose tag here.

The inscription reads as follows.

Whatever you write on the heart of a child

No water can wash it away

The marks on the sand

are erased by the tide

Inscriptions will crumble like clay

The words in a book will decay with the years

and even engravings in stone disappear

But God's word inscribed on a little child's heart

For time and eternity will not part.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Labrador Wolves

The larger preview really shows the layout much nicer just click on the picture to view at a larger size.

These are Wolf pictures shared with me from a neighbour..who took these pictures of wolves..on her way back from a holiday..on the highway into Labrador...To Drive here you have to go over 300 miles on a dirt road...we call it the freedom it is the only way..we connect with the rest of Canada..with out a plane. They are upgrading the road..a little each year..but it is a costly project...but many of us will still travel the dirt road to we call it..and others will do the trip..just to go to the nearest wallmart..which is in Labrador City..

With the opening of the road..we are starting to get tourist..from United States and the rest of Canada..people who are willing to brave that road .. some will come..and camp and take the MV Northern Ranger... a boat that goes up the Labrador Coast .. and calls to all the small little communities ... unreachable by car ..I have had the pleasure to meet and even house some wonderful people from around the world.
On the Labrador Coast .. the people are friendly .. and when you call into port people will come out to greet you..they will open the stores and museums and you will have enough time to see everything ... Nain..has a wonderful museum ... with a history of dating back to 1771 by Moravian missionaries. You can read more about Nain and Labrador.. here

This layout was done from a lovely kit .. by Miss Vivi ... Merci beaucoup. This Kit is beautiful..and I want to thank her for sharing such a nice kit..Visit here blog HERE

Okay, I have not forgotton about freebies, but this past week, real life has been happening with my mom sick and arrangements being made for her to be better cared for.
I am not sure what to package up and share..
The header for my blog was a special kit..that I made...for a women..who..wanted to bring out the best in her childhood memories..she was an abused child..and it should never hurt to be a child..I am thinking this might be the best one to much love and heart went into it...which I should have the first part up later..Thank you for all the lovely comments..left here on my blog..and in 4Shared...My web and email friends..are my Garden..and it is always a joy to have beautiful people in your life. Thank You.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Labrador Seals

Click on the picture for a closer look..
we are lucky to be surrounded by beautiful nature..and if you have your camera can get some beautiful from wolves to seals..foxes to porcupine..these shots..are not mine..but from a friend who has shared them with me..this is directly in front of her house. I usually get porcupine in front of to sure..about those..for the fear my cat will meet up with them some day...

I did these up for a friend..I met who is working on a project..about can view her project here..I hope I have linked it right.

credits are Nancy Comelab for the photo frames available at my digital on the left side...the papers and elements from..Stacy Carlson kit from prince to a digital on the left as well....Font is home sweet home from Larabie Fonts..
We still have loads of snow here..yet..but I am so looking forward to spring..

Thank you..for the lovely comments..they are truly appreciated..and the kind women who list..freebies..much appreciated..

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Last Part of March Freebies

This is the last part of March Freebies...and as always there are a few surprises that are not in the preview, and of course..I forgot to put in a terms of service..I am always sure to forget something..but my terms are pretty easy are more then welcome to create..quick pages from my work...for charity or free work..with a simple credit in your own terms of service..and in posted layouts..a simple credit..
I hope I have managed to put togethor..something..that can be create beautiful memories with...Thank you to those of you who have kindly taken the time to leave me comments..that is truly what keeps me making scraps to share...and for those of you who kindly freebies ..thank you also..I suffer from short term memory loss and some other brain damage...which is easy to manage at home..but more difficult to deal with on the forgive me if I forget is not intentional. What I need is a proof
Happy Spring..although here we are still buried in snow...which I must post some pictures of tomorrow...
You can download it here! Enjoy!
Special Thanks to Atomic Cupcake for the use of her label maker for labels made for this kit.