Thursday, July 16, 2009

I have not disappeared of the face of the earth.

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I have not disappeared of the face of this earth, but I will tell you that I came very close once again. June the 8th, 2009 I found myself back in icu, after having spent since October 2008 waking up looking like the first photo in this picture composition.
Passing five kidney stones, in severe pain without medicine to reduce it...and 4 months of hell, finally a ct scan was ordered, the ct scan revealed, a golf ball sized septated cyst, on my right kidney, and a ademona on my left adrenal gland which further tested positive for cushings syndrome on May the 24th, 2009.
My bodies organs are all in failure, while I await to be tranferred out of here for medical care.
I honestly believe that the reason I am still alive is because of my faith in God.
Christmas Eve, around five oclock, I looked at my two boys and told them I am sorry, momma is not going to be able to give you christmas again this year and crawled in my bed, in my bed, I cried in pain and prayed to God, please take my life right here right now..or help my doctors find out what is wrong with me. My prayers were answered January the 7th, 2009.
But by the grace of God go I.
I have been undiagnoised with this dreadful illness..for 33 years, and worst is...there was testing done in my mid 20s when I was without my periods for 4 years and lost the hair on my head, that indicated back then I had this disease and should be checked further for it..but it was filed away and never done.
If I ever needed friendship in my life and understanding, It is now.
This is twice I have been on deaths door since my son was born.
I so look forward to having my life back
if you would like to learn more about this aweful disease feel free to check out the place I have found that offers so much valuable information and support.
Thank you for your understanding and patience.