Sunday, April 08, 2007

Mr. Little

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Misty Cato
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KGD Julie Script from Digital Muse by Kimberly Geswein
We have been nursing our dear Mr. Little..
We had an unfortunate that..Mr. Little crawled into our dryer..when hubby was checking to see if the clothes was dry and left the door open while he got distracted..doing something else..then he went back and without thinking..closed the door and reset the dryer for it to finish drying..He is doing okay..and thank goodness the dryer was not on full heat or we would have lost this precious beautiful joy of ours..hubby is feeling terrible about this..but kitty is doing well..and we were very this area has no vet.
He is shook up..he spent 20 minutes in there..his ears are bruised..and his body sore..but he is eating, drinking..and going to the bathroom fine..and the curious little tiger was in the laundry room..pawing to open the door you believe that after all he went through..
I thought I would share this it never came to one of us that this could happen..
and if by telling it..I help others become aware it is a good thing. I guess that is why they say a cat has nine lives.


grambie said...

Such a surprise on my 1st time visiting you. The photo & its layout just caught my attention. It is so beautiful & awesome in looks & depth. The Easter grabbag will be an extra something for me after seeing the lovely leave elements so realistically displayed. Love your colors for the richness of their hues along with the butterflies. I love doodles, flourishes, & butterfly because of their whimsiness & fun they add to any layout. Again, nice to meet you and thanks.

ila said...

Joanne, what an hair raising story, and how wonderful it came out in the end ok for the Mister Little. WHEW!
Beautiful scrap!