Tuesday, December 23, 2008

CU Christmas Wire Sample

Wishing you Holiday Greetings
May you have a lovely holiday with lots of peace and joy.
Visit here for another neat freebie a ornament frame kit.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Some Scrap Soup for The Holiday Season

Thank you to scrapbrat for the lovely award of this blog has heart, you can visit her blog here. Thank you.

I humbly accept this award, from her, I am supposed to pass this award along, I cannot choose any one person to pass this on to, there are to many people in my world that are so deserving of it who do not openly express themselves as I can. In my heart, I felt the best person I could pass this award unto is someone who is no longer with us, but who had such a great influence on my heart when I first discovered him. The first book I read by him was Living, Loving and Learning.

A particular story comes to mind, from that book, a little johnny story.

Little Johnny, was in art class one day, and the teacher was showing the students how to draw a tree. She drew on the black board a trunk and colored it brown and a cloud like top which she colored green. She looked to the students and said now boys and girls, draw a tree. The children took out the crayons and got busy drawing there trees, while the teacher went up and down the isles viewing there progress, stopping and helping where she could, until she got to little Johnny, little Johnny was busy, with colors of purple, red, yellow, green swirling them over his paper. She looked and said to him, that's not a tree I asked you to draw a tree. To Johnny that was a tree with all the beautiful colors he had seen in trees in one beautiful place, on his paper, what that teacher forgot was..to tell her students to draw my tree!

Being yourself is a very difficult thing in a world that teaches us and expects us to do and be like the majority. So I would like to pass this award along to Leo Buscaglia, who is no longer with us in this world, whose lectures, books, videos are still here for us to be inspired from and to share.

My heart part of me is because of part of him, when I was looking, for things in life I was not even sure of what it was..in reading his books, listening to his lectures, that who I am now became to be, In a world where many question if speaking from our hearts is professional, I have only to think..if it was not why would the people who share from their hearts (such as the chicken soup books) make so much money doing so ..if somewhere underneath we were not all longing to hear..the realities of living, loving and learning and know that we are a doing okay.

I wish you all peace, joy, happiness, love..enough food to not be hungry, warmth from the cold and food for the soul. I will be back again with Christmas Goodies, I have been pretty sick since the 3rd of October and awaiting a cat scan to confirm what is going wrong, which may be kidney stones. The medical care system is slow..and I am still waiting and that is on a urgent consult, but I am hanging in there..even though there are days..when I feel like biting a towel, the greatest gift a person can have is there health..without it..you are almost powerless to change anything in your life and I am grateful I still have health of mind, for those not so fortunate in life to have health of mind and body..they depend on you, your heart, your kindness to ensure that those that will abuse the weak , and feeble to defend them and ensure they are cared for with dignity, I hope each of you finds someone special to care for in your life's this Christmas..
and all year long, it is only through our hands and hearts will we change this world and make it a better place for our children.

Please enjoy the video!
You can open up another page and continue browsing and making your rounds as you listen to it. My wish is that it will be ScrapSoup for your heart....love, Joanne

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Idas lovely gingerbread

There is a lovely christmas freebie on my friend Idas blog, so cute and perfect for christmas, thank you Ida for sharing it with us all.
Check it out on her blog here.
Leave her some love if you download please.
It is her first freebie.
I think they are so adorable.

Just some more pictures

We had such fun making his cake together. He picked out all his own colors and did all the work to create a beautiful birthday cake.
This is our little girl, she is going on 6 years old, she is the small one of the pets and is always with me by my computer. She is so gentle and kind.

This is our big boy, has he ever grown, and is such a loving animal...he thinks he is a poodle..smiles..!

Something Special

This little sweetie is the puppy of our older husky Meikan, who sired the pups, playful as my son has named him arrived for Sammy's Birthday and has been growing like a weed right before our very eyes, My son is so in love with is new friend, he faithful trains him everyday for an hour....and playful can now sit, give both paws separately and sometimes will lay down. Sammy is very protective over him. We have had more then a few smiles..listening to Sammy being mom and dad to his new baby, hearing our parenting skills coming out in the talks he has with his pet.
This good natured little pup..is very much like his father and has a lovely disposition.
Father and son..play well together..and Sammy loves them equally with all his heart.
It was his birthday, November the 11th, and we spent the day making his birthday cake together, playing games, and having fun.
My boy is 13 now, a teenager, where do time fly..he is growing up before my eyes, taller then me now..and a real little gentlemen, he is doing well learning things and being home schooled has brought the joy back into his eyes and everyday you can see his confidence blossoming.
I will never regret the decision to home school him. I was worried at first, that I might not be able to get my little boy back to the same little boy I put in school, but I can honestly say now..that that fear is gone and that he is back and that I did pull him out of that place whereby he was so very misunderstood, just in the nic of time.
When I first took Sammy out of school, he was severely withdrawn, retreated to his room and had nothing to do with anyone, the shine was gone out of his eyes, and had absolutely no confidence in himself..he spent countless hours in his room not participating in the world around him..now it is the total opposite..its been so long since he spent time in his room, I am wondering if he needs one..smiles..he just loves being in the center hub of things around the house, he now greets people and welcomes them in..shows off his accomplishments and offers his opinions on things...He is just blossoming more and more everyday..right before my very eyes..
It was easy to focus only on him and not all the wrongs of what happened to him..and the seeing the reward for those choices of keeping focused on him..has been so rewarding.
He loves science, anything about animals, and how things work, he love to cook, and like every child..don't like the cleaning part..smiles..but he is even so much more cooperative about helping out then he was..he does what you ask now..with the usual mutterings of a normal teenager..
He was very proud of his birthday cake again this year..
when I get a chance I will post some pictures on his blog..
which I have lots of updating to do as well..
thank you for visiting, I hope to get caught up on a few more post today.
huggies, Joanne