Sunday, April 08, 2007

An Easter Basket for You

Click on Preview to see full size.
The photo is of Grand Lake, Labrador
Text reads
I would rather think of the sunshine then the rain.
Happy Easter
Find your Basket of Goodies Here.
And of course...there are lots not shown in the preview as a surprize for you this Easter
May you have a wonderful Holiday.


Robyn said...

What a lovely idea and thank you. 4-shared wouldn't cooperate so I'll try back later. :)

I'm glad Mr Little survived his ordeal with no lasting problems. That was always my fear, that one of my cats would get into the dryer.

Happy Easter to you. :)

Scrapcat4914 said...

So glad that your kitty is alright!
Thank you so very much for the fantastic Easter Basket goodie!!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the basket of goodies! can hardly wait to peek inside! Our Easter was special and blessed...hope yours was as well. thanks again.

Sharon said...

So glad your kitty is okay. Thank you for the basket :)

Peggie said...

This is beautiful. Thank you.