Monday, May 28, 2007

Little Girls Garden Layout from Magnolia

I am pleased to share this lovely layout done by Magnolia..her gallery is here
Thank you Magnolia for sharing your lovely layout with brought me back lots of memories of my look so lovely...and it is nice to knowing..someone can be so creative with the little bits and pieces one shares with others..thank you for sharing it with me.
As she says..those were the good ole days.

Final Part of Little Girls Garden

This is the last little bits and pieces of little girls garden.
It is a pkg of jpg. fills made to match the kit..a few word arts and a button...
sorry for the broken file uploads..I forgot to put the button in..the upload and did not want to have to repackage it all and reupload..I have to compete for internet speed here at home..with dear hubby and know the men and remote syndrome.
You can download it below..
I hope you have enjoyed this kit as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you.
That life will bring you many happy moments to create happy memories with.

My Mother's Hands

My Mother's Hands
Template from Hilma Rose.
Kit Abiding Memories from Designer Lara Payton available
Lara has some new beautiful kits case you have not been there in a bit..her new cookery my favourite...Abiding Memories I have really enjoyed.
Font Duality from Larabie my side bar.
Mom is the little girl on your left..and with her sisters.
thank you all for your kindness, patience and understanding while I get myself up and running about again..Your comments have truly been appreciated..and have touched my heart...
It is nice to know..such kind people and have people in your life that still believes in kindness..and are treasured..more then gold in our changing world.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Flowers For All Occasions

Flowers for each of you...that so sweetly left a loving comment in my garden.
Thank you kindly..for such sweet and kind words..this is a quick post as I did not want you to think I had forgotton you...
I really appreciated the comments you left on my heart...thank you so much.
Hope you can use them...all kinds of pretty colors..included..
Download Here.
Because I always forget my terms of service and some people do not want to download my stuff because of it..I have included my terms of service seperately and later will be putting it in my side only need so many terms of services for one person..smiles...
Download Terms if you need them...Here.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The World to Me Layout

Click on preview to see at a larger size
Paper, Frame, and all boy tag from
Alpha from Misty Cato's
Little Letters Metal Alphas
available at Scrapbookbytes
link on left
Fonts, Duality from Larabie Fonts link on left
and KGD Joanne from Kimberly Geswein
Text Reads
Tinker, Tailor
Soldier, Sailor
Richman, Poorman
Beggerman, Thief
Doctor, Lawyer
Indian Cheif
You will Always Be
Perfect to Me

Flowers In the Garden Layout

Click on Preview to View Full Size
Credits: Font Duality from Larabie Fonts
Larabie Makes Beautiful Fonts.
Kit Freebie From Designs By Krista
Thank you for this lovely Gift Krista!
Text Reads
One Flower in The Garden
Is as Beautiful as the Whole Garden
The Same Sun
The Same Rain
The Same Air
Grows Many Flowers
In the Garden
Each of Them
In Their Own Way.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Little Girls Garden Part Five

This part of the kit holds most of the hardware bits and pieces.
Thank you for visiting!
Deb Fisher (from PickleberryPop) - her husband was tragically killed in a farming accident this week, leaving her with 7 kids in rural Australia.
If you want to support her, head over to PickleBerryPop - where if you purchase anything of Deb's this month - 100% of the proceeds will go to Deb, no commission will be deducted.
I look at my son and my husband and I count my blessings every priceless wonderful moment of time I have them beside me is a gift of joy and happiness and every memory a treasure.
My heart goes out to you Deb and Family.
Deb Needs your love today...Please leave some love on her blog instead of me.

Download Here!
This will be most likely be one of the hardest post I will ever make on my blog.
I woke up this morning determined to make the best of my day.
Showered, brushed my teeth, made my morning coffee and sat to my computer to get ready to do my post..and just started to cry. I wanted to pick up the phone and tell my much I loved her and how many good things she taught me.
I told her many times but today is the day you just want to say it again.
When I started to share the story of this kit..I knew there would be a ending to the story..but I had no idea how the story would take a unexpected turn and really end.
I loved my mother with all of my heart..and one of the things my mother had to talk about with me before she passed on..was..about things that happened when I was growing up..
She lived in a world whereby social acceptance and standards measured her life.
That was how she herself had growed up.
When I was 13 was when my life really changed..and it was because I told someone about something my father had done to me
From that day on...everything in my life changed.
It was to hard for her to admit it to herself that it could be the truth.
I was to her a liar, and many more things..that is when the beatings really started.
To deal with it..I often spent countless minutes drawing in the silence of my room or outdoors in the sun ..
As a little Girl my mother would come ever night in my room and say my prayers with me..and little did she know..that she gave me the foundation of what I needed to cope with life in those younger years..a foundation that would help me and carry me through all the pain and tears
that were later to come.
Many, Many years later she found out it was the truth by something else.... he had done and that person had the sense to record him.
My mom knew that she was getting sick last summer and was getting herself ready to leave this world and part of what she needed to do to say Goodbye was to tell me..
I am so sorry, I never believed you. I can't imagine how much courage that took.
After all those years, all the scars, the swear words..and the pain, I was set free.
Never once did I not love my mother with all of my heart.
The poem FootPrints comes to my mind as I truly believe that at times when I thought I could not carry on through those young years...there were footprints behind me.
FootPrints that carried me to where I am today.
My mother suffered from Munchausen Syndrome and bi polar disorder which only in the last ten years she was treated for..
I love my mother and I know she is just looking down from heaven...proud of who I am
and proud that I care enough about others in this world that if by telling my story I help just one person...I have done a good thing.
Today the clouds part
an angels opened the gates of heaven
and play their angel harps
our mothers sing
be it the whistle of the wind
or the song of a bird
there will be something
that we once before heard
if we listen carefully
we will hear their lullabye!
Hush little baby this was never Goodbye.
Happy Mother's Day
Thank you for all the wonderful comments of support, caring and appreciation left on my blog
and in 4 shared.
Thank you to those that list me and visit.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cat Attack Layout

Click on the Image to view at full size.
This is done with a little bit of what I am working on to share next month.
This is my other dear cat.. his name is Pikachu..he is a quite boy..5 years old now.. going on 6.
He loves the back yard and when summer comes he spends much of his time outdoors.
Mr. Little looks so much like him..and enjoys chases..our big boy around the house.
Pikachu is a one family cat though and seldom lets anyone else pet him or pick him up.
Text Reads
Things to do today
Look For Mice
Capture Mice
Play With Mice
Play With Mice More
oop's Mice Not Moving
Bring Mouse Home
Hope Mom Fixes it
oop's Mom Screamed
oop's Mom Ran
oop's Mouse Ran
Mouse Fixed
Time to Play Again
In my travels the other day I visited a blog that I clicked on her gallery link and was so amazed at this womens lovely gallery and talent and really did not want anyone to miss it. I was so inspired to do a few layouts when I left ..Take a peek I am sure you will enjoy your visit.
Her Blog is here
I will be back tomorrow with the last part of Little Girls Garden and Mother Day wishes.
See you then.
Thank you to each and every one of you who left comments on my blog and in 4 shared
to those of you who have linked to me..who share my link and visit my little world.To those who inspire me ...teach, share, create and make the world a more beautiful place to live in.
You are all appreciated.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Little Girls Garden Part Four

Part 4 is ready and I hope It is something you can enjoy, I realize we all have different styles and are all unique in our own our choices for colors..and style..makes the garden of life...more beautiful ..and interesting ...the more flowers we have in it..
Thank you for visiting.
Thank you for leaving comments.
Thank you to Selena who I know listed my blog.
Thank you to those that listed my blog and shared my little blog that I may not know about
it is kind of you to share with others.
Down Load Here
For those of you interested in some Chicken Soup for the Scrappers Soul
Continue on reading about the inspiration for this kit.

Had people had listened to her cries for help, she could have been spared many painful experiences, that continued in her life until..she was almost 17 years of age..
Her mother owned what she called a cat of nine tails..which was 4 skidoo belts cut and taped together with duct tape, by which at 16, she was whipped so bad from head to toe..that she could not sleep on her back for over a week..from the pain of the bruised welts, that were all cut and had bled in the center. She was forbidden to go to school or go out of the house and sentenced to
clean the whole house while it healed.

Had her mother thought it was okay to be less then perfect and sought help instead of living in shame because she was less then perfect..things would have been different...had peer pressure of society not been what she measured herself by..things would have been different.
Our children are so effected by peer pressure..we are ourselves and the hardest thing in the world is to be yourself and to understand the influence the media..has on us and our understanding of life..
Kindness is a universal thing
by which we can each choose to be in our knows no religion but is of the heart..
Random acts of kindness can change the world and make the world a better place for everyone, one act of kindness at a time.

She is not a sad person for all of this but a person who is loving and most of all forgiving.
When asked, how could you love your mother so much after all you have been through..she thought about it and answered..."I love my mother with all my heart and I made the choice and sought to understand her and forgive her."

I read a lovely passage on Hilmaroses Blog that so touched my it is so is what we are doing when we create with love... it is what we are going to leave behind in the memories we create with our families and friends, not only in pictures but in heart.
"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others." Pericles

Since my mother passing on...I am having good days and moments when tears just hit me that puts a pain in my heart..that aches, but I feel her with me in all I do
A few weeks before she got really sick we were speaking on the phone..and she told very proud of me she was...words..that meant the world to me..for many reasons and I told her how much she meant to me...she told me she was getting her will ready and asked if there was anything I was a hard question..because you don't want anything more then your mother...and a mothers love...and you miss it so much..when it is not there..when you can't pick up the phone and say I love you...

Each of you have touched my life in helping me understand...and from you I have come to start working on putting family history..I discovered that my grandfather was born..on Cherry Street in Boston, Mass.
and I even found a picture of Cherry Street on Google...which I have kept to work on a family album..for my brothers and sister..

Thank you for being a part of my Garden..
There is a passage I read somewhere that grew into a important part of my life somewhere along the way

You can never be to careful
Of the seeds your hands will sow
For love from love is sure to ripen
Hate from Hate is sure to grow.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Little Girls Garden Part Three

Little Girls Garden Part Three
I am sorry I am late with this..part..I had planned to get it all done by the end of April...but hey..I got this part up so am getting caught up and in the next couple of days should have the previews done for a part 4 and 5.
This part has flowers, ribbons, word art, papers,frames, color chart and other goodies.
Done in 300 dpi and saved in png format.
A special Thank You to Atomic Cupcake for her stitches action for the row of stitches in the kit.
The child this kit was orginally made for..was an abused the time she was 13 years of age she had received 5 major blows to the head, one of which she was knocked unconcscious for a long period of time and never taken to a hospital, she awoke to her mother, kneeling beside her bed..praying that she did not die..and immediately blacked out again.
Later she awoke..her mother was not there..but laying beside her was her sister, without opening her eyes, she spoke..if I die please tell them mom did it and passed out again.
It should not hurt to be a child!
This May 6th is a walk for the Children Help Line
Never ignore a child looking for help.
You can read about it here!
Download Part Three of Little Girls Garden Here

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

Thank you to long time scrapping friend and a awesome creative scrapper..for nominating me for the thinking blogger award.
She shares wonderful freebies..and every time I visit her site..I am inspired..and also go away wishing I could be at the cabin with her and one of her wonderful home cooked meals..Thank you Jannidee.
I wish, I could pick five..but I can't pick just five..because there are just to many lovely people out there that inspire me..and during this last month..I have to say..that comments I received here on my blog and in 4 shared have dearly touched my heart in so many ways and helped me so much during this difficult time in my I nominate all the people who took time to leave comments and take the time to leave comments..For their thoughtfullness..and I bet you I spelled that wrong..smiles...Your kind words..have been dearly appreciated and treasured in my heart. Thank You. I also nominate all the girls who take the time to list my blog and allow you to visit and for us to meet, all the wonderful people who inspire each other and share and care..for there really are so many kind and wonderful people in this world..and it is a privelage to give something back..I hope to have my freebie post coming soon..thank you...

Meet Sarah

Meet Sarah
A special young Girl
I am so proud to feature this layout done by Suzanne of her daughter...
done with my Sara's Garden kit..and a template from the Creative Conny B.
It makes it all worth while when you are creating something that can be used to create those happy memories with.
Great Job Suzanne
Hi Sarah..nice meeting you.