Sunday, March 23, 2008

I cracked my egg open and what did I see

I cracked open my egg and what did I see, I saw Mr. little looking back at me..smiles..!
Files are 300ppi, approximately 2 1/2 x 4 inches, psd format.
7 colors to choose from but feel free to colorize if you wish.
In layers so you can insert your photo in either the inside or outside egg position.
Download your Easter Photo Egg Kit here!
Happy Easter, thank you for visiting my little blog garden, Thank you for comments and for listing my blog!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

There are Bunnies in My garden!

I just had to share them with you.

Download Here!

Here is a Bunny Photo Frame5x7 , some finished 12x12 quick pages, and the Matching Papers and seeing that this time of year 4 shared gets the hiccups I have uploaded them to rapidshare...I will not be putting them on 4 shared.

Thank you to Maria who always list my freebies..and to anyone else who promotes my blog that I may not be aware of..Thank you!

Thank you for all the kind comments left sure inspires a girl to keep creating and is greatly there is not a soul in my whole community into share it with...

We have been having Easter here for the past two weeks without me knowing it..smiles..

I bought several weeks ago..bags of Easter Goodies...and stored them in my room in a large...rubber tub..covered with a blanket..well apparently my boys discovered it..and were just having a great time sneaking in each evening..taking thing out...but daddy would say don't tell Momma....and Sammy would say...don't tell Momma...and it was quite the game...all full of giggles as I watched Sammy sneak in to get one thing for Daddy...smiles..

There will be a lot less to hide...for Easter Morning..but there will still be lots of fun..I print out these little cards..with like 25 cents on them..50 cents...75 cents..and a 1.00 totally a certain amount..and I hide them..we call them Easter bucks..and they have been a hit every Easter with Sammy...

Sammy has been doing good...he has a new fish..who we call for the lack of a name...little blue...he is a Betta fish and we had to have him come in from Labrador City for him.

At first Sammy was excited, then when I told him..he had to take care of him...he ended up going to his room crying...later I discovered..when he came back out a hour later..that he was scared he would kill takes more time to discover what is bothering Sammy he finds it difficult to communicate ...but we figured it out with patience...and I explained that momma and daddy would show him how to take care of it..and he has been doing great with it..and has not missed one day feeding little blue..

I am happy as it seems to be building his confidence.

Well, it is late here and I am off to bed soon...and want to wish you all a Happy Easter.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Midnight Garden Quick Page

For Those of you having trouble with 4 Shared
I have another link for you to try Here.
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It really does my confidence a bit of good...thank you...!
Thank you so much for the wonderful comments so is so inspiring for me!

RaggettyJoanne(Everything Else)
Commercial use files from:
Cindy Doerksen(scalloped Lace Matt
Mrs. Wresh Designs(Frame)
Enjoy..Happy Scrappin!