Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Flat Minty Project

To see the rest you can click on my Peppermint Gallery on the right.
To read more about this project
click to go to Miss Mints Blog here!
I used Miss Mints Wild Weekend Freebie
available at her store here!
Thank you for this lovely kit and the fun with flatty minty!
I wonder where she will go next...?
The flatty Minty project is an ongoing project
to see all the places she will visit.
Pass here around and let her visit your town.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Evolution of Dance

Dancing was a all one time favorite thing of mine to do..until I got sick..but I still enjoy
I was watching the movie..the secret..and got to thinking...this pain..has been taking control of my life..and I need to put a bit of humor back into a few funny video..and then this one really caught my eye..and brought back so many fun wish I could dance like this again..some day..right..enjoy..I will be back later ...with another post..after I find myself off you tube..smiles..catch you later..huggies, Joanne

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Long time ago..

I would have been 16 months old the left is my mother and father..and to the right..pop and nan..and my brother billy...pop was a seafaring captain...of a boat which ran freight from boston to st.johns.
Captain Billy he was called.
I can see from this picture why my mom said sammy looks so much like my dad..he really do..
I remember pop..but don't remember nan..nan died early from the same illness I have..
I remember visiting pop..and getting out the charcols..and paper and sketching his old boat photos..he had..for years he had a huge one I did hanging over his mantle..I don't know what happened to it after pop so far away ..I have lost so much of my was ever so pleased when my sister scanned these photos and emailed them to me..
Thank you for viewing..
have a nice day
Happy Scrappin

Snow in Labrador

Credits:From Prince to a King by Stacey Carlton
my own doodle flourishes.
Hard to believe that on May 24th, it snowed here..I remember years ago while out biking for the day getting second degree sunburn..but got no worries about that now..smiles..
I am blaming all the pain I have had lately on the dampness..and praying for sunshine long enough to dry up the ground..we live in a bog area..and the land is very damp..
While it seems most of the world is ready for summer flowers..we are so far behind..

Meet Harley, my Goddaughter

This is my goddaughter Harley..
she is such a sweetie..and so smart..
She is so loving and I love how she says my name..
All you need is Love
Green Leave Doodle and Word Art - Christine Ousley-Love in Paris
Newspaper Doodles - Elizabeth Quintana-Love Letters
Kissing Birds, Flower - Love In Paris - Kristin - Digidelights
Ruby Brad - Paris-Malinda Hulshoff
Backwards Staple and Green Ribbon - In Love In Paris - Calalily Design
White Flower - Paris Love - Wendy Page
Paper - NeverlandScraps - Love In Paris-
Frame - Amour fou - by Franziska Altmann - Tabrizia

Some Awesome Layouts

10 perfect little lovely this is..this wonderful layout was created by Tracy of her daughter's perfect little toes..I love the expression she used in her can read more about this layout on Tracys Blog..and also download a beautiful fathers day freebie as well.
Visit here blog Here
Thank you for sharing this with me Tracy and for understanding how slow I am..smiles..

This Beautiful layout if from Benita
Benita has been living in Holland for over 25 years and knows all the wonderful things about Holland I got to see and we miss..
Holland is so different from we are sharing pics of where we live..
visit her lovely gallery here over at the Scrap Orchard..
Thank you so much Benita..I still have to do one more layout of our sites for you..

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Special gift From Scrap fiends

A Special Gift from Scrap Fiends Just For You..
Faith and Lucy have kindly created these special brag book pages just for you
from The Sweet Orange Blitz Kit as a added bonus..
They are going to put up two a day for the next six days.
Thank you very much Scrap Fiends!
To collect this wonderful book..pop on over to visit
Remember to leave some love..for this wonderful add to your collection.
Thank you again..well don't know about you but I am off to download..smiles..
thank you girls..awesome..brag book pages..I feel so privelaged..

Monday, May 26, 2008


Left to share with this kit are the:
Glitter pkg
Pattern Fills
Terms with a Treat of a new style Bracket Matte
While I have been uploading and sharing these..
I have been working at a few things to go into a Bonus pkg...that I think I might be missing..
as you might notice I am weak on creating word I ever admire those that do make nice word art..I am going to add some journaling strips..and will put some word art on them..and may try to fancy word art..but would like to get some suggestions for word art.
If you have some suggestions...could you please leave them in the comment section of this post..
and I will try to create them..for you..on the strips and pick one to work on and make into real word art..and when I am done add them to the bonus pkg I will share when I have the rest of the post above shared..

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sweet Orange Blitz Trims

Sweet Orange Blitz Trims
Happing Scrapping
Can you believe snowed here today..and I wonder why my arthritis is acting up..
I got a pic of it to soon as my camera batteries charge up and I get them on computer..
we have not finished spring and it is snowing that a threat that we are going to miss summer..I sure hope not..although I do hate the flies of summer..a little warmth on my bones might be nice for me..smiles..
thank you for visiting and for listing me...
have a nice day..

Friday, May 23, 2008

Torn Side Borders and Rumpled Ribbons

Torn Side Borders and Rumpled Ribbons
4 Shared Links
RapidShare Links
This is a quick post today..not one of my better days managing my arthritis.
Thank you for visiting!
Happy Scrappin

Papers Preview

This is just a preview of the papers so you can get a better idea of all of them.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sweet Orange Bliss Paper Pkgs

Sweet Orange Blitz Paper Pkgs
I have made a total mess of uploading these paper packages..please forgive me..and if you think you are confused..maybe you will understand how confused I am..
to try to make it a bit easier for me..and hopefully for you too..I am going to post all the time to the paper packages..
the links that have shared written beside them are ones that if you already downloaded the papers you have..the rest are new..
the preview..above is for paper pkg 6 of the 4 shared links..
There are some nice papers in these downloads and do not think you will be them..I tired to provide a variety of styles..for mixing and matching for different layouts..some fun and funky to more elegant and soft..a little something femine and masculine..
again..sorry if I have confused anyone..
Thank you for visiting..and for all the wonderful comments..I wish I could thank you all personally..because you are all wonderful to take the time out to leave little old me a comment..a bit of praise..or thank are what gives me purpose to my personal time after being a mommy and wife..all day..without you to share it with..what would be the purpose of it..smiles..
Thank you to those that list me..too..without would anyone find me in the great big digi scrapbooking world..which just gets bigger and bigger each day...
a few more element pkgs to go..and then..I have a nice bonus to share that matches all this..and hopefully you will have about a cd full of goodies..that you can pull up and create with it..
Anyone interested in making brag share..feel free to do so..but I so would love to see if you do..
much love..have a great day even if the sun is not shining..the rain waters the flowers of our gardens..and helps the flowers grow..and just like you ..makes the world..a much brighter and more beautiful be in..
Happy Scrappin..
4 shared links below
Rapidshare Links

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sweet Orange Blitz Hardware Pkg

Sweet Orange Blitz Hardware Pkg
Download 4 Shared Here
Filled..with little bits of antique and bold..mixed, versatile to match almost any kit.
Happy Scrapping
Thank you...for the lovely comments..they truly are inspiring,and encouraging.
Thank those that have listed me..Marie, Ikea Godess, and I just recently discovered..I was listed at digiscrap4all.
It is so nice to have you visit..
have a great day..and come visit again..

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sweet Orange Blitz Elements

Sweet Orange Blitz Elements
Ric rac comes in the trims download
Download 4 Shared Here
Lots of little things to decorate your layouts and frames..
Thank you for stopping in..and visiting..and for all the sweet comments..on days when arthritis just hurts to much..I get a great deal of strength and encouragement to keep working away at something to share later..that is so kind..
Thank you to Marie for listing me..and to others who may list me and I don't know about
Have a happy day!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

He is forever blowing bubbles.

Credits: Digi Delights
That's my baby..oh my I have had these pictures on computer for what seems like forever waiting for the right inspiration to come along and scrap them...
For a long time..I have never really found a place to call home on the internet...the digiscrapbooking world is just to try and find a place to feel at home..
I am a women..who needs a sense of humor in her I am way to serious about things..
and I have been enjoying my visits to ScrapOrchid and always read a post or two that brings a smile to my face..They have a contest going you think you can design...
I found this wonderful freebie there..and right away I got inspired..and remembered these photos..sitting there just waiting..for me to do something with them..
I visited the creators blog..Digi Delights her name is Kristen..and her blog to has some very nice free things to scrap with..the quality impressed jaggies..or blurry elements or papers..
and I fell in love..with the duck..too!
Thank you Kristen..for the lovely little boy looks so cute in it..
Looking at the pics..I miss the younger years..smiles..
He still loves bubbles though..and water...this past week..he has been having a blast soaking my kitchen counter and floor making water balloons to through outdoors at our broken down car..he tells me he is cleaning it for me..I don't mind a least the dog has been spared his mischeif..smiles.
Happy Scrapping..

Monday, May 12, 2008

Another Alpha

Full set, Including numbers and symbols


Rapidshare Here

4 Shared Here

For those that maybe wondering the chain etc will come in a hardware pkg later.

Thank you for visiting!

Thank you for comments they have been so encouraging for me, I love reading them.

Thank you to Maria and Ikea godess for listing me, there are so many blogs out there and the listing is very appreciated.

I had a lazy mothers day..playing playing spider..smiles.., watching some of my favorite shows on video, and just doing nothing all day..

I missed my mother of was strange not to pick up the phone and call of my dear friends husbands had a stroke..she is like a mom to me..and I have been praying for his recovery and wishing I could be there with her..

It has been a bad few weeks for arthritis pain...kind of drives you mad some days..I live on a bog area..and with all the snow melting am begining to think that the reason it is so bad lately maybe due to all the damp and cold..coming from the ground..if that is the case..I hope summer comes soon..we still have patches of snow on the ground..but hopefully it will be gone in a week and the ground can start drying out..and my bones will feel a little better..too!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sweet Orange Blitz Frames

Meet Sammy's new bunny..sammy adores him..but his dad dad got bitten twice..
we think he was harrassed a bit..before we got we are just letting him slowly get used to us..Journaling reads...
Dear Nanny
are you watching me from heaven.
I miss you.
This is my bunny.
He bite daddy twice.
but he don't bite me.
I give him carrots and I give him water.
Mr little wants to play with him
Meikan wants to eat him.

Rapidshare Link Here
4 Shared Link Here
Have a great day!
thank you for the encouraging comments and for listing me.
comments are sometimes the only way you know..if people like it..smiles..then you know what more to make..

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sweet Orange Blitz Mix and Match Alpha

Mix and Match, Make your own Alpha to match your layout.
Make your chain..short or long. reshape your base to a oval..attach it to a different brad...use it to monogram your ribbon wrap and to more personalize your layout..
Download Rapidshare Here
Download 4 shared Here
Thank you for visiting and for listing or promoting my little garden.

Sweet Orange Blitz Paper 3 and 4

Sweet Orange Blitz Papers 3 and 4
Rapidshare Here
I also left out a paper pkg link for Paper Pkgs 1 and 2 from rapidshare on a previous if you downloaded from there here is the missed link for the first two pkgs..Missed Pkg
sorry about - the 4 shared links were okay.
Thank you for visiting..and thank you for listing me.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sweet Orange Blitz Bows and Wraps

Sweet Orange Blitz Bows and Wraps
The Ribbon Wraps can be personalized with Intials or Brads to suit your layout.
The cotton bows..are nice and rich and not blurry..
Enjoy..and Happy Scrapping..too!
Download via
Feel free to grab the preview for your folder if you like..
At the end of all the uploads..I will be adding a bonus..and a folder with all the previews..
Thank you for dropping by...and visiting..
and thank you to those that let people know how to find my little blog..
spring is finally starting to come but there are still patches of snow in my backyard..
Hopefully they will be gone in a few weeks..and soon the boats will be running..again..
bringing in new our stores..and new prices too I gather..the only bad part about fresh products..
I don't know if the prices of food have gone up as much as the news is saying ..I hope not..
have they gone up much where you live?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sweet Orange Blitz Paper Pkg

This link has been added later as It was missed when I did the orginal post so if you did use rapidshare to download from..I had missed this link as I did not have it uploaded.
the missed link is Here..sorry about that.
which includes pkgs one and two
4 shared link here
Thank you for visiting..and have a great day..
Thank you for listing my little blog..

Monday, May 05, 2008

Sweet Orange Blitz Chipboard Alpha

Sweet Orange Blitz Chipboard Alpha
Download Here
or Here
Feel free to grab the previews here as I forgot to put previews in the folders!
Elements in preview come later.. special thanks to atomic cupcake for the use of her action in the making of this in the side bar.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Make your own Brad Kit (Sweet Orange Blitz)

Mix and Match or make you own Brad kit for Sweet Orange Blitz Kit.
Rapidshare link here
4 shared link Here
Happy Scrappin..
Thank you for listing me again Maria..and thank you to those who visit..and leave comments
after weeks of working on something it sure cheers a girl to know someone likes it..smiles..
Special Thanks to Atomic cupcake for the commerical use action purchased from her..her link is in my sidebar.
Thank you to Bannerwomen for the use of her square brad..she creates some great digital commerical use files and you can purchase her lots of sites..

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sweet Orange Blitz Freebie

Sweet Orange Blitz Freebie
I made this celebrate international scrapbooking day for the next few is over 700 megs, created in 300 ppi...full of nice alphas, brads, overlays, elements, journaling bits, and papers.
This lovely alpha..was created with the help of a new toy I purchased...from
Terry Maruca's Shop at ScrapBook Bytes
It is going to be one of my favorite work with..I just love the idea of having a sewing machine on my computer, and can picture my grandma..who taught me to make my first quilt..having such a smile at the thought of being able to do it on computer.
I hope, I have done this lovely action justice as I am just learning adobe elements and can't quite get it to do everything I want to do I can in paint shop..
Download this first part of this kit..
Rapidshare link
4 Shared Link
and each day I will be adding another part until I have all 26 links up and shared..
If you have a rapidshare account..and want all 26 links now..without waiting for the me..raggettyjoanne at and I will be happy to send..the links.
I do not have them all up on 4 shared yet as that service is much slower from my area ..sorry.
Thank you for visiting my little garden..and happy scrapping no matter where in the world you live...Joanne

Happy Inter National ScrapBooking Day

Door One Links

Door Two Links


4 Shared

Door Number Three Links


4 Shared


Pick a door and get the surprise, I have modified this post and you can download all doors via 4 shared or rapidshare your choice. It never occured to being a trusting person that some people may not like the idea of emailing..have fun..and enjoy..
Sammy handmade one of the prizes behind one of the doors.It is something he loves the most that he gets from his momma for good work.
Happy International Scrapbooking Day!