Tuesday, August 21, 2007

For The Stars Part One

For The Stars

Download Part One Here

Download matching Star Alpha Here

He is one of my stars, but so are all of you.

I am sorry I have not been around...but I have been mending a broken heart which kind of caused me to loose my mojo so to speak..( I now know why my Grandmother owned a cast iron frying pan and said it belonged to Grandpa...but this little star of mine..kept me strong...when I did not think I could be..

and so did many of the kind memories of comments that touched my heart here.

So this is for all of you...The Stars in my world..from those of you...who list my blog, forgive me when I loose an email I am supposed to respond to, and accept me as I am..

Lots of Goodies packed inside...stitched photo bendits..something new I tried there...smiles, a starburst alpha, postage stamps, brads, glitter stars, papers, frames, tabs, a knot, etc. .png format and I even remembered to upload it in zip format..smiles..

When I first started scrapbooking one of the first freebie list I discovered

was Ikea Goddess...like well who has not heard of her...I am sure she is famous all across this world..

I remember the first time she listed me..oh my was I so excited...it was like a major acheivement in my life....I went running to hubby who thought I was nuts..oh I got listed...by Ikea Goddess..

you should have seen the sideways look I got on that one..smiles..

I remembered that she liked stars..and so do my Sammy....something they both have in commmon.

She is one of the special stars in our lifes...and so many more..then I could ever list..This past year has been a difficult one with loads of challenges to face...but it is the stars in our lifes that make the difference and the paths in life a little easier to travel on..

PS. Rosa...you are an angel...at a time an angel was needed..Bless You.

In part two I am going to include some brag book pages..

Enjoy, hugs, Joanne