Saturday, April 19, 2008

CranBerryRose Quick Page and Mini Sampler

12 x 12 Quick page 300 ppi
Bonus Paper, rick rac, doodle and cross-stitch word art.
Download from rapidshare
or from 4 shared
Thank you for visiting and thank you for listening but most of all thank you for sweet comments that is what keeps me going..hoping everyone is having a lovely spring..!
Huggies, Joanne

Thursday, April 17, 2008

1/2 Man, 1/2 Tree

I thought I was having a bad day because I am having complications with my diabetics and have developed a leg ulcer and may need surgery. I am scared out of my mind..that I may loose a leg before I reach 50...Then, I checked my email and found a picture of this man..and decided to research it to see if it was true, I know longer believe I am having a bad day.
Human Beings have the most amazing strength to face the most difficult of circumstances. I hope they can find the money to bring this man to the USA or Canada or anywhere where he can get the medical attention he needs.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Childhood Memories

Childhood Memories
Silence My Child
You cried a tear you thought no one heard,
You thought no one cared....
In your imagination you played,
You danced and you sang
Until you could forget,
the anger and pain.
You put your heart in a place
not many could see
drawing and writing ,
You created to be free.
To Be Free
from the abuse
that hid you away
and would not let you
out to play!
So many around you, have happy memories to share.
I have only my art, my childhood is lost in there.
It shouldn't hurt to be a child.
Art and Poetry by Joanne
Paper and Floral Accents by Shabby Miss Jean

Friday, April 04, 2008

Looking Forward to Summer

Sammy loves Summer on the PlayGround!
In summer whenever we can we take Sammy to the playground in Goose Bay. He loves it there. It is his favorite place to play.
We will be glad when summer comes again..and the playgrounds are not buried beneath the snow..makes for a long winter..
Flergs Grab Bag for a Boy
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Bloggers Beware Two

These are both attempts to ruin my pleasure in sharing my blog with you!

Shabby Miss Jean Blog Challenge - Layout Three

This is the my third layout using this lovely blog freebie from Shabby Miss Jean.
Other Credits:
Frame Template by Dumpty
Word Art (altered) from SBB Bytes Collab-Jeri Ingallis
Butterfly and Burned Scalloped Borders from my own stash.
I really like the colors and textures of it..and love that branch..
These two..they literally talk to each other..I woke up early one morning to see what all the noise was was mr. little having a grand old conversation with Meikan..and Meikan..with a low bark back at was to funny..they often play..Meikan literally littles head in his mouth..but never hurts him..they get gailing around the house..and if there every was a cat..that liked literally teasing a little loves it..he loves to tease Meikan..notice I don't talk about our other cat...Pikachu..smiles..
that is because Pik..would rather eat him..and has left more then a few scratches on his nose..Poochie our black toy poodle..goes into a barking frenzie when the rest are gets to be quite entertaining around her sometimes..
Meikan is pretty smart..still says I want it for his treats..and working on out for going out doors..he paw..and I can't believe..let me trim his nails...a few days ago...

Shabby Miss Jean Blog Challenge Layout Two

Paper, flower and frame from Shabby Miss Jeans Blog challenge Freebie.
Frame made using the paper.
Star Element-Misty Cato Affirmations
Word Strips-Misty Cato Starting in Style Word Strips

Shabby Miss Jean Challenge Layout One

Meikan is innu for wolve, he is a pound rescue and came to us very sick from lack of food...and nutrition..he has doubled in size in a few months and now is boss of the kitchen door..and guards it with his life..when one of us are in the kitchen. We think he will always have food issues..but he has done real well and has learned to share..when he is being watched...being watched being the major clue here..but we are proud of him..everyday..he gets some kind of bonus treat and a good brushing which he loves..
CrossStitching - My Own
Everything Else from Shabby Miss Jean's Blog Freebie

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bloggers Beware

Okay I was in posting on my blog this early am..enjoying my quiet morning to do these things....shortly after new freebie..I get a comment to I check to see if it was downloaded yet..nope..not downloaded..the comment said to visit here..and as some bloggers do we often go to a bloggers site profile to pay back then kindness...wary of clicking on the link in the comment, I thought to click on the profile...whoa...I was quick to recgonize it was going to install a program on my computer...closed that of I want to warn all you lovely bloggers out there of this new..way to make your day....I don't usual post stuff like this anywhere..but there are so many lovely digi scrapbookers out there that do not need something happening to their beware of what you click on...This also happened once in my chat box..

Seaside Frame and Paper Freebie

Just a little something for you.
Just a little frayed frame trimmed with a bow and a matching background paper.
300 ppi in psd format, compatible with psp.
Special Thanks to Atomic Cupcake for the use of her Actions!
Link in my sidebar.
Hope everyone is having a nice start to spring.
Thank you for visiting and Thank you to those who have left me comments and listed my blog. They truly are appreciated.