Monday, April 02, 2007

Labrador Seals

Click on the picture for a closer look..
we are lucky to be surrounded by beautiful nature..and if you have your camera can get some beautiful from wolves to seals..foxes to porcupine..these shots..are not mine..but from a friend who has shared them with me..this is directly in front of her house. I usually get porcupine in front of to sure..about those..for the fear my cat will meet up with them some day...

I did these up for a friend..I met who is working on a project..about can view her project here..I hope I have linked it right.

credits are Nancy Comelab for the photo frames available at my digital on the left side...the papers and elements from..Stacy Carlson kit from prince to a digital on the left as well....Font is home sweet home from Larabie Fonts..
We still have loads of snow here..yet..but I am so looking forward to spring..

Thank you..for the lovely comments..they are truly appreciated..and the kind women who list..freebies..much appreciated..


Anonymous said...

I just love the colors in this seal LO. Very nice Joanne!!

Kelly Jansema

Anonymous said...

See how I am, I forgot to say a big THANK YOU for the direct link to my Animal Plight Album. You know I do appreciate this Joanne!!!!


Serena said...

Wow, this is such a wonderful, wonderful layout. I love it! Thank you for sharing!!

ksharonk said...

Ohhhh, how special is this ... watching seals out the front of your house! Lovely layout too, and thanks for visiting my blog! :)

hexana said...

wow joanne wat a great blog you have
i did know it ,i go right away making a link on my blog to let every one seet this .hugs

grambie said...

Those scenic photos of water, land, & sdnow are so beautiful with the seals @ home in all their splendor. Love the smaller photos placement in relations to the curved larger photo. So beautiful. I can see that your camera is an integer part of your life. Mother Earth so beautiful indeed.