Thursday, April 05, 2007

Labrador Wolves

The larger preview really shows the layout much nicer just click on the picture to view at a larger size.

These are Wolf pictures shared with me from a neighbour..who took these pictures of wolves..on her way back from a holiday..on the highway into Labrador...To Drive here you have to go over 300 miles on a dirt road...we call it the freedom it is the only way..we connect with the rest of Canada..with out a plane. They are upgrading the road..a little each year..but it is a costly project...but many of us will still travel the dirt road to we call it..and others will do the trip..just to go to the nearest wallmart..which is in Labrador City..

With the opening of the road..we are starting to get tourist..from United States and the rest of Canada..people who are willing to brave that road .. some will come..and camp and take the MV Northern Ranger... a boat that goes up the Labrador Coast .. and calls to all the small little communities ... unreachable by car ..I have had the pleasure to meet and even house some wonderful people from around the world.
On the Labrador Coast .. the people are friendly .. and when you call into port people will come out to greet you..they will open the stores and museums and you will have enough time to see everything ... Nain..has a wonderful museum ... with a history of dating back to 1771 by Moravian missionaries. You can read more about Nain and Labrador.. here

This layout was done from a lovely kit .. by Miss Vivi ... Merci beaucoup. This Kit is beautiful..and I want to thank her for sharing such a nice kit..Visit here blog HERE

Okay, I have not forgotton about freebies, but this past week, real life has been happening with my mom sick and arrangements being made for her to be better cared for.
I am not sure what to package up and share..
The header for my blog was a special kit..that I made...for a women..who..wanted to bring out the best in her childhood memories..she was an abused child..and it should never hurt to be a child..I am thinking this might be the best one to much love and heart went into it...which I should have the first part up later..Thank you for all the lovely comments..left here on my blog..and in 4Shared...My web and email friends..are my Garden..and it is always a joy to have beautiful people in your life. Thank You.


Christine said...

Your blog header is beautiful. It would make a wonderful kit. I look forward to seeing it.

Lots of luv.


Scrapcat4914 said...

Love the LO you did with this!
Hope you have a fantastic Easter weekend!!!!