Monday, January 21, 2008

Little Bird Brag Book

Just a little something until I get myself back up and organized a bit..
12 pages plus a back and cover pages
Hope you like it..
Matching Kit Pieces
Special Thanks to Atomic Cupcake for the use of her actions in the making of some of the elements in the brag book and matching pieces..her link is in the side bar..
Thank you for well wishes...I have been dealing with lots of pain lately..arthritis so sucks..when it inflames it seems to take forever for it to get better...not even my pain meds..seem to help it lately..but maybe I have built up a tolerance to them..I have been on the same dose now a little over two years..I have also spinal kyphosis which had been acting up as well....This bout lasted over 24 days..and although it is a bit better now..I can sort of feel it there just waiting for me to move the wrong way..
It is my back right side and radiating around to my my front right side..not even sure if it is the arthritis...but it sure took me down at the wrong time of the year..and will have to make it up to my having a special day..for them..
Take Care and Hope everyone is doing well..and life is being you..
huggies, Joanne