Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Canada Day

May Peace, Happiness and Kindness find there way around the world and may we all come togethor as a united world! Promote Kindness, lets all dance togethor..for a brighter tomorrow for our children!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fun and a Freebie

It is not easy being green!
Commerical Use Credits.
Special use Thanks to all those listed below.
Cindy Doerksen...ribbons..ribbon frog..daisies, raffia ribbon..leave..sealeaves..gogglie eyes..
circles overlay Eva Kipler
style used in tag..Misty Cato
both now at Sweetshop Designs
little Gem Atomic Cupcake
I had such fun making this quick page..
I purchased this weeks commerical use tools by
the minute I opened it..I got so excited and those creative juices just started flowing..with this idea..for a quickpage..
I am sure we all have moments that we could use it for..! a bump on the toe..etc..that are also a part of our memories..
It is not easy being green..traveling on a boat getting sea sick..having a sick day or an unfortunate event happen in your life..that has you feeling sick..

I made this quick page so that it can be used to remember..the love..and help..received during those special times..when others so helped get us through it..some thing you can make and give to the nurses and doctors or people involved in your care as a way to say thank you for being there for us...or me..because it sure isn't easy being green..!
I dont usually plug someones work..I try to buy no credit required because I have difficulty remembering..and documenting everything..but sometimes..something just impresses you have to let others know..
I love her commerical use bags..and try not to miss getting one..because the things in them are nice, clean, not blurry..and a great bargain for anyone on a limited budget...and just so inspiring for me...the things I like to create with.
I would highly recommend them if you are just starting into designing..or even designing for a long time..
Thank you for visiting..for sweet comments..that make it all worth while..and for the freebie blogs that link me up with you ..and display my treasures..I hope brings someone a smile..and something to create those cherished memories..we have with the ones we love..
Have a super day!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sweet Orange Blitz overlays..
good to use with all of your papers..
one with a floral white vines..and the others a soft frost..and heavy frost..
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Thank you for visiting.
I want to say a special thanks to all those that list me..and list all the really takes alot of work, time and energy..and these beautiful people deserve a big special thanks for linking us all up in the digiworld..that is how we often find each other..get to meet each other and know each other..linking in from freebies list..and people who share information and knowledge about what each of us do in the digi community..
This is a very special thank you to each of you!
I think the very first freebie list..I seen was Ikea Godess..
who was your first freebie link blog!
Did you feel like you have discovered a treasure chest of wonderful surprises..
I do when ever I check with one of the awesome people who share the links to others blogs..
Thank you!
I received a new link to a new freebie list as well..
Suzie Q's Stuff ...♥"Link Love"♥...

I am a slow poke..and have been tagged 3 times

I got tagged..tagged again and tagged one more time to fess up and to tell you seven random things you don't know about me..
so lets..go..tells you what a slack..I am..

I've been tagged by Tammy, Bunchie's Blog
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1. I hate blinkies, no reason why..!

2. I bite my tongue when I a deeply concentrating on have not bitten it off

3. I like dipping plain humpty dumpty chips in strawberry icecream.

4. 3 years ago I was given 5 years to live, the doctor that said that is now deceased and died one year later.

5. I have had to learn alot about forgiveness. I can't change the past but I can share and help others.

6. It took me 25 years to learn to love myself.

7. When I was still single I spent 16 days at sea, on the maiden voyage of the Northern Ranger and traveled the full labrador coast and tip of Newfoundland...and got kissed on the starboard side.

I really don't know who to tag...

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Sweet Orange Bliss Journaling Notes

Sweet Orange Bliss Journaling Notes
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Thank you for visiting my little Garden
and being a part of it.
For those who list me..A very kind Thank you for helping you find your way here..
For those of you who have left me wonderful comments..words of praise and encouragement..
I sincerely Thank you as well...for being home with Sammy being able to teach him at home..
and be there as he much as I can means the world to me. Thank you.