Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thank You For Your Gentle Kindness

I wanted to say thank you for your gentle kindness, and prayers. I made it back Saturday..from my moms funeral..and have just been resting mother had a lovely service...and I feel my mother with it brings me much comfort...she is in everything I do...I went home on angel wings...I know well like most of us..I did not have a dime to my name..I was crying and mario told me to go out and visit a friend...2 hours later...he called me at my friends house...and said come have an hour to pack...he had gone to all my friends and collected from them enough money to get me out on a plane...such gentle kindness..of others will be never forgotton...when I got there I told my I told you I would be here and I prayed..and the angels sent me here..I really got there from angels who love and much...

I got to spend 12 hours with her before she passed on...that night, I woke up and went to the sink to wash my hands..and as I washed my hands..It hit me ..these hands last touched my mothers face...and as I washed I asked myself what was the greatest thing she taught these hands...and then sat to a table and wrote this poem for her..

A Mother's Prayers Remembered...

I hesitated.
As the water flowed - over my hands.
These hands, these hands,
that last touched my mother's face.
These hands, in whom God had placed.

How they held me the day I was born
and nutured me through life.
My Hands
touching her face.
As the water flowed
from his hands
to her hands
to mine

As the water flowed and washed
these hands
that last touched my mother's face.

The greatest gift she taught these hands
were how to fold in faith.

Then the prayer...of Our Father..was said.

Thank you for your gentle kindness and prayers...with warmest regards, Joanne


Scrapcat4914 said...

So glad that you got to spend time with your mother!
I love your poem and now she is in God's hands!!
Big Hugs!!!!!!

Hilmarose said...

I am deeply sorry for your loss... though it is only temporary as we both know you will be together again one day... I know there is sadness and pain and I ask the Father to comfort you Himself and also send angels to bring comfort to you... May He hold you in His arms during this time and always.

Jannidee said...

Joanne ((((HUGS)))
I am so glad that you got to see your Mom and be with her. What a testament to you that you have friends that think so much of you to make sure you were able to go. The poem had me in tears since, I fear, it will not be too long before I am in the same position with my Mom. AT 86, reality is closing in. Much love to you. I am glad you made it back safely!

teeny said...

i am so sorry for your loss! what a touching gesture on the part of mario and your friends that allowed you to spend some cherished last moments with your mom. you're in my thoughts and prayers.

Judy said...

It is so sad about your mother's passing, but I am glad you got to spend some time with here before--so many don't have even that small amount of time. Your poem to her is beautiful; I know she appreciates it too.

Nancy72 said...

Sometimes people can be cruel but a story such as yours...and the love between you and your Mother...restore my faith in the goodness of most...;o)

Many blessings and God's peace,

Loralynn said...

I am so sorry for your loss. How nice that you were able to be there to say goodbye and ease her journey.

twoisisomega said...

Hello Joanne,
I just found your site and read this poem about your Mom, I can hardly type these words as tears fill my eyes. I lost my Mom almost 3 years ago and I cannot deal with Mother's Day! I am writing you to tell you I was very moved by your poem and wanted to know if I could share this with a few co-workers of mine? I am making them all a framed picture of their mom's(who they also lost)one just last week, and I wanted to include something written. Something special! You can email me at: two isis omega at ameritech dot net. (No spaces)

Shell said...

My deepest sympathies are with you. I am so glad your Earth Angels & God granted you the way to be with your mother. I love your poem & have copied it down in my book of things that I want to remember. Thanks so much for sharing your story & poem.

Lisa said...

Joanne, I am so sorry about the loss of your mother. What a wonderful thing Mario and your friends did for you. That to me is a testament of the kind of person you must be! I am glad that you got to spend precious time with her and pray that God will give you the peace and comfort that you need at this time. Your poem is just beautiful...thank you for sharing it!

Lara Payton said...

wow ~ what an amazing story of how you made it to your mom... you have a really great circle to support you during such a difficult time. i will keep you in my prayers, Joanne :)

SherryD said...

Just discovered your blog (Selena sent me) and am sorry to learn you recently lost your mother. My s and prayers are with you as you make adjustment to her absence. But know this, she isn't totally gone. Although her soul has returned to God, part of her will remain with you always. How do I know? I lost my Mom 3 years ago 4/12 to lung cancer but there isn't a day that goes by that I don't hear her voice in my head, reminding me of all the things mothers remind one of. Hugs

jill said...

Joanne, the Lord strengthen and comfort you with His peace that is tangible. What a special blessing to have been with your Mom and what a legacy she left you. Praise God for His goodness.

Jean said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mother. I, too, was able to be with my Mom when she passed 17 years ago and I know that having you there was a great comfort to your mom. I still talk to my mother all the time and I know she is watching over me, as yours is now watching over you, from a place of serenity and that we will be reunited with them one day......

Kimberly said...

I know that I am a little late, but I am so sorry to hear that you went through this. It sounds as though you have alot of people around you helping you get through this. My prayers are that you are finding comfort and peace.