Monday, September 28, 2009

The days ahead! Update

Its been a long year since I developed this pain in my side..since the 14th of October to be exact...
I have had at least 6 trips via ambulance, to the emergency department, over 9 appointments with my doctor, and nine more with my nurse practitioner...spent since then on the antibiotic cipro..which up until January..would take the pain away and control it..with it two days of coming off it..poof the pain was back.. since no longer controls the pain, but takes the evening fever away..but I still suffer from the evening chills..I do have my mothers electric blanket, which cuddles me at night in more ways then one..
Finally August the 27th, I had a urgent ct scan done..which..revealed swollen lymph nodes in the right groin..that compared to the scan I had done in January..had grown also revealed another ademona..over on my right adrenal gland which had not grown compared to Januarys scan..both of these things were not on the results of Januarys scan, the lymph nodes or..the right cant help but wonder what happened there..and why..
all I do that a dog ..would not be left to suffer as much pain as I have suffered this past human beings we would have more compassion...then to allow someone to that..
Which seriously makes me wonder..about what I will say is my be polite..
Rural Canadian medicine is a challenge if you are poor..travelling to another hospital is very expensive..and without a are just not going to get a second unbiased opinion of any kind..our barb wired frence is our pain an cannot leave..
Now..with this second ctscan..its urgent..I have biopsies done..and will be sent away from my friends and support circle..and left alone in a world I do not know to face one of the scariest health concerns, on my I have cancer..or is this some weird infection..
I do miss sharing better things..scrapping..and lots in life..and hope and pray..for a good the days ahead..
How I have lasted so look at the smile of my beloved all any mom needs to face another day of pain..if it were not for him and my loving husband..who is a saint..I would have given up long ago..
Thank you for visiting me..and for those that send prayers..thank you too...
I am sure..God has purpose in all he does..God Bless...Joanne