Friday, April 06, 2007

Little Girls Garden quick Page

Click on the previews to see the larger views.

I will start with the quick page and tag for this months kit..the quick page..only shows..a few things in it..the kit..actually has so much more...pretty what is in my blog header. I will leave March kit up until the end of April.

The Quickpage seems very plain..and is actually in two have to create the 5x7 first..which makes a nice printable well..and then you have to place your finished 5x7 on the .jpg background quickpage..The advantage of this is that later as you get more of the kit you can arrange and make your albums or layouts in many different ways.
One lady expressed to me that she was teaching her daughter scrapbooking and enjoyed quickpages as a place for her to I thought..starting each kit with a quick page would be a nice thing to do.

The alpha and 5x7 are in the quickpage download..unfortunately, I could not use the inscription I used on the preview layout as I do not know whose copyright it is. This to will allow you to put your own words to go with your picture.
You can download the quickpage here.
You can download the vellum rose tag here.

The inscription reads as follows.

Whatever you write on the heart of a child

No water can wash it away

The marks on the sand

are erased by the tide

Inscriptions will crumble like clay

The words in a book will decay with the years

and even engravings in stone disappear

But God's word inscribed on a little child's heart

For time and eternity will not part.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, this looks to be a beautiful kit.
I love your work.

Tina said...

That poem on the quick page is so sweet. Thank you so much for sharing it. Happy Easter.

Scrapcat4914 said...

What a beautiful start to your new kit!!
Thank you so very much!!
Happy Easter!!!

grambie said...

What a fabulous garden of friends you are building on your lovely blog. 1st time visiting & the dls are beyond fantastic. Everything is so eloquent in its design & appearance. A fun surprise for me, so thanks again for the lovely after Easter gift. I receive it with love, respect, & joy. Again, thanks. I will be back when my computer repairs are completed.

Lisa said...

Thank you, it is just beautiful!

patty said...

ty for the very lovely tag & qp

Peggie said...

This is beautiful. Thank you.