Friday, October 06, 2006

Angel In My Pocket Designs

Welcome to my little blog!
I created Angel in my Pocket just as a place to share my scrapbooking freebies and part of my heart.
The name came from my son, who has cerebral palsy.
Here are wise words from him.
One day, when I was explaining why he might have to have surgery, he looked at me and said; why do everyone try and change me, I am perfect just the way I am.
My Reply, yes son you are, God made you in his image too!
That statement should make anyone think.
We can often learn from from a child's innocent wisdom.
For our 12th Anniversary he saw a little angel coin, that he had to buy for his mama to keep in her pocket for the angels to know where she was and could keep her safe.
He so touched my heart.
He is the sunshine of my life.
Welcome to Angel in My Pocket Designs
My little Garden in the World.
I do hope you enjoy your visit and come back again.