Monday, May 26, 2008


Left to share with this kit are the:
Glitter pkg
Pattern Fills
Terms with a Treat of a new style Bracket Matte
While I have been uploading and sharing these..
I have been working at a few things to go into a Bonus pkg...that I think I might be missing..
as you might notice I am weak on creating word I ever admire those that do make nice word art..I am going to add some journaling strips..and will put some word art on them..and may try to fancy word art..but would like to get some suggestions for word art.
If you have some suggestions...could you please leave them in the comment section of this post..
and I will try to create them..for you..on the strips and pick one to work on and make into real word art..and when I am done add them to the bonus pkg I will share when I have the rest of the post above shared..

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Joanne said...

Thank you for leaving your suggestion. For taking your time to do so I have a little Thank You Gift for you.
password is thankyou