Monday, April 07, 2008

Childhood Memories

Childhood Memories
Silence My Child
You cried a tear you thought no one heard,
You thought no one cared....
In your imagination you played,
You danced and you sang
Until you could forget,
the anger and pain.
You put your heart in a place
not many could see
drawing and writing ,
You created to be free.
To Be Free
from the abuse
that hid you away
and would not let you
out to play!
So many around you, have happy memories to share.
I have only my art, my childhood is lost in there.
It shouldn't hurt to be a child.
Art and Poetry by Joanne
Paper and Floral Accents by Shabby Miss Jean


Rainee said...

Love this Joanne! It's so speaks from the heart.

Rainee said...

Love this Joanne. It speaks from the heart, and you're right, it shouldn't hurt!

LadyRedstone said...

Beautiful Joanne