Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bloggers Beware

Okay I was in posting on my blog this early am..enjoying my quiet morning to do these things....shortly after new freebie..I get a comment to I check to see if it was downloaded yet..nope..not downloaded..the comment said to visit here..and as some bloggers do we often go to a bloggers site profile to pay back then kindness...wary of clicking on the link in the comment, I thought to click on the profile...whoa...I was quick to recgonize it was going to install a program on my computer...closed that of I want to warn all you lovely bloggers out there of this new..way to make your day....I don't usual post stuff like this anywhere..but there are so many lovely digi scrapbookers out there that do not need something happening to their beware of what you click on...This also happened once in my chat box..

1 comment:

ida macken said...

Sure makes you wonder what is wrong with people sometimes ;-(

Love the frame &
BG very pretty ! Hope Spring
comes soon to you also ! ;-))