Friday, April 04, 2008

Shabby Miss Jean Blog Challenge - Layout Three

This is the my third layout using this lovely blog freebie from Shabby Miss Jean.
Other Credits:
Frame Template by Dumpty
Word Art (altered) from SBB Bytes Collab-Jeri Ingallis
Butterfly and Burned Scalloped Borders from my own stash.
I really like the colors and textures of it..and love that branch..
These two..they literally talk to each other..I woke up early one morning to see what all the noise was was mr. little having a grand old conversation with Meikan..and Meikan..with a low bark back at was to funny..they often play..Meikan literally littles head in his mouth..but never hurts him..they get gailing around the house..and if there every was a cat..that liked literally teasing a little loves it..he loves to tease Meikan..notice I don't talk about our other cat...Pikachu..smiles..
that is because Pik..would rather eat him..and has left more then a few scratches on his nose..Poochie our black toy poodle..goes into a barking frenzie when the rest are gets to be quite entertaining around her sometimes..
Meikan is pretty smart..still says I want it for his treats..and working on out for going out doors..he paw..and I can't believe..let me trim his nails...a few days ago...

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