Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Moms Little Bird

Please forgive the wall in his room are not finished yet..plastering and painting..have to wait awhile..until we can afford it..but I so wanted to share his world with you

This is moms little bird..at the airport when we went to St. Johns.

I am sorry I have not been around but have been busy working on a few special projects..

Moo Two has a charity kit for a little girl named Chelsey. You can read about Chelsey by clicking on her name.

You can buy the kit at Moo Two at the link Below

Designers and non-designer alike came together to create this charity kit which is called Sweet Butterflies...and being sold at Moo Two Designs Here

My contribution did not make it..so I will be uploading it here to share at a later date.

Sammy has been an angel..had a lovely birthday party..we made his cake together..and there is something to be said..about not having the money to go out and buy it all..because we actually had the best fun...making his cake together..for Sammy is about being the biggest cake ever..smiles..is that not just like a little boy...He wanted fireworks..and fire works he got..mom..bought a little at a time..so he could have a big show..

He only had two friends come..but that did not matter to him..He was the proudest...when the sky lite up and it was all for him..

You can see his you tube video of his cake and singing happy birthday

We finally have up his video of his dog talking..looks real good..like he is a real winner...smiles..but he is such a funny dog..He thinks he is a toy poodle..and at husky size that can be quite and not so quite amusing at times..but he sure keeps this family hopping..lol.

See Meikan talking here.

That is a big chunk of cheese he is getting..one of his favorite things..smiles..

He has chewed every pair of shoes I own..mitts..purses..and you just about name it and he has chewed it..

I made several years ago..a pair of beaded deer skin slippers for the winter..or if I had to go in hospital again..I put them away..and of course..one of my challenges is remembering I did that..let alone where I put them..until I look behind my computer chair..to see what he is chewing..and there are one of my lovely slippers I never ever wore...chewed..up..all I have is a photo left of them..I was so proud of all the beading..

Now..as if that is not enough excitement..try a husky and poodle doing a mad march chasing each other around the house...remembering now ..he thinks he is the size of a poodle..

they make this mad dash on to the bed..back out to the front door..and 15 minutes later..my sheets..have cuts all over them..from someones..toenails...I wonder who...

How are the cats surviving all this..well...lets just say...scarnose...is slowly not learning his lesson..Mr. Little, just enjoys taunting him...and getting him to chase him places..where he is just out of reach...from him..Pikachu..well...he is not going to play with Meikan..more likely he will eat him..that cat is not scared of anything and it is not unusual to hear the occasional yelp out of the dog that just won't learn!

Sammy has his little Christmas Tree up... in his room..a 3ft tree all decorated. Picture above.
I don't know how to get blogger to put pictures where I want them after my text..and have not been able to figure it out..oh well..this will have to do..

He loves Christmas..and is all smiles..and loves to help out with making things..and we are doing some food for the deer and cocoa pkg for gifts and a card for daddy...and some other things planned..

Judy guess what we got in the mail a few days ago..a beautiful post card...from Adelaide.He was so excited to put the first pin in his map..thank you so much for that..so he says you live very far away..and that I am wrong about kangaroos..there are pigs..on the farms..mom..that was just so cute of him..we had loads of smiles..thank you for making a happy moment for us..that was very kind of you...

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