Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ashleys Polka Dot Christmas Memories
Merry Christmas Linda...

Thank you for sharing Your memories of Ashley with me.
It is an honor to remember her!
This is the download for the two alpha's..so sorry I forgot it.
Christmas Memories One (Tags)
Three (Word Art)
Four (Papers One)
Five (Bows)
Six (Elements)
Seven (Frames Two)
Eight (Frames Three)
Nine (Papers Two)
Ten (Ribbons)
Eleven (Ric Rac)
Twelve (Frames)
There are loads of goodies not in the preview..like a candy cane glass alpha..
ribbon wrapped frames, and lots of elements and frames, and a even make your own stuff file..nothing is drop shadowed..drop shadow settings for light paper..using psp are included..
an a stocking file..to make your own stocking in your own color..if you would like a tut..that I am experimenting with it on that..feel free to email me..my addy is in my profile..
Christmas is about Love, Kindness, good cheer..but most importantly about the memories we make...each and every moment is precious, anyone who has lost a child or a loved one is going to be able to tell you that. You can't go back, and what you have are your precious memories.
This Christmas..make those precious memories for yourself and for others..stop and drink a nice cup of hot chocolate..every time you feel yourself worrying you don't have enough..can't do it..
The smiles..we give each other...the fun in putting up the tree...drinking hot chocolate..being good to ourselves..and to others..and like the poem says..children live by what the learn..what they see us doing..at the Christmas season..and how we spend those moments together as a family...it is not about the presents..who got what..or how much something cost..but the joy of giving..from the heart...listening to carols..as we bake with someone Christmas cookies..making something special for someone who has less then us..taking that little bit of extra time to wish everyone you see a merry Christmas with a smile..on your face..
thanking those who work hard..to do for others..or have to work..long hours on their feet to make ends meet..
a time for peace on earth and good will towards all..

It is about making traditions....enjoying traditions..and each other..where ever we may be.
There is always someone in this world..that can use a little extra love, or kindness..Make beautiful memories..!
Merry Christmas ... Linda.. Merry Christmas .. to her Angel Ashley, who is not on earth with her...Merry Christmas...Mom and Dad...I miss you..so much...!
I believe in Angels..and a elf told me...that if you listen very carefully..you will hear them speak in your heart...and it is true.
Thank you to all of you who patiently wait for me to get things done..who forgive me when I forget..and for the sweet comments..I have not the time to answer to all of...them..but do appreciate and read them..and they do brighten my days..
I would also like to thank Jane from FolkArtTreasures..from whose site I have learned some of the skills,( Jane you are awesome..and still the best digital tole painter..around... I used skills learned from her tutorials in creating this kit..visit her site..here...try out her membership...if you like her stuff..and want to do her tutorials..!
also special thanks to atomic cupcake for the use of her actions in making an element of this kit..
to gmendes...whose..commercial use file I used to create the Ric rac..
Sharing a tradition..!
When Sammy was little, he would get way over excited about Santa coming to visit..he would not be able to sleep or rest well..so I started a little tradition..I gave him a huge bell...and told him a story about the Christmas elf..who visits each day in December..if you ring the bell once a day..the elf will come and leave a little present..because you have done a good thing on that day...The Elf had a bag of little goodies..like a pkg of smarties..a dollar store toy...
He would ..very carefully chose when to ring his bell..then ask momma..if the Christmas elf would come..oh...I see the elf Sammy he is flying around over there...and he would look with amazement in his eyes to see the little Christmas elf..I wonder what the elf will leave me momma...the elf is here..Sammy have a look around...to see if he left you something..today you helped mommy bring the clothes to the room..and that was a nice thing...
of he would go looking and find a little treat...he say the elf many times...each Christmas..little children..with the joys of sugarplums dancing in their heads..and the magic of Christmas in their heart..Making memories that last a lifetime...
To all a Merry Christmas, Peace and Joyous..Noel.. Joanne


Deborah Misfit said...

I love the kit - thanks so much! I went to Chelsea's website but can't find where to buy the kit with your little bird in it? or any kit? Would love to know where it is :) And help out

blue24k2000 said...

HI there,
What I have seen of your CATW kit is beautiful but I am having problems trying to get one, nine, ten and eleven On your downloads. I get as far as 4-shared and then when I click the word *Download* after about 2 minutes wait I get **Internet Explorer CanNot open page.. OR something like that.. Got any ideas how to get these to work? *LOL* I would really love to have this whole kit.
Thank you so much for all the sharing you are doing with all of us..
Carolyn ( blue24k2000@yahoo.com )

Debbie said...

I realy love this
Merry Christmas

Links 1,9,10,11
are not working they just time out and I get internet explorer canot display
You may have to reload 4shared had some servers go out on them

debbie ( beckmoore) said...

love this Kit
Ashleys Polka Dot Christmas Memories

links 1,9,10,11
are down
sorry if I already posted this to you
I honestly cant remember
Christmas to you and you family

K said...

Thank you for a beautiful kit! I opted to leave my ty's here instead of on each individual download link. Have a wonderful holiday! xoxo K

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post!

blue24k2000 said...

Thank You for fixing the download links. I have the complete kit now. It is awesome. Please keep up your wonderful work. It's all beautiful. *HUGS*
Happy Holidays

Fenn said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful early christmas gift:)

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for this MARVELOUS kit!!!!!!!!!!!!

SLKozul said...

I almost have it all downloaded, but have been oogling the parts I already have unzipped - it's beautiful and it will be wonderful with my twin girls - pink & green are their colors so I'm anxious to make a Christmas layout for them. Thanks so MUCH.

ejsmommymd said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful kit. Bless you and your family!


Anonymous said...

Leaving my thank yous here as 4shared is just too 'winky' for me these days but I was able to get all the downloads at least 8-)!!! This is just such a fun, lovely kit and I look forward to scrapping my granddaughter's second Xmas with it!!! Last year she was really too little (5months) to really be engaged but this year!!! We are so enjoying her delight with it all!!!
Thank you for your generous spirit of giving! I had never visited your blog before, so I did take some time to read through your postings, and you just have such an uplifting spirit and for that I thank you too!
Blessings to you and your loved ones during the holidays and throughout the upcoming new year!!!

Robin said...

I kove this Kit wonderful colors.
Thank you

Vicki (Chickivaney) said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful kit! And I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

Chris Allport said...

Thank you so much for this fantastic alternative christmas kit.

Lots of luv


Maria said...

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