Friday, November 02, 2007

My Perfect Little Pumpkin

Click on the image for the larger view!
He is so proud of his pumpkin!
You can tell by the look in his face.
I think digital cameras are wonderful..because sometimes seem to capture those moments in time that you may be used to seeing or miss..and these pictures are one of the ones that will become priceless to me..we were so busy having fun..that I did not quite notice the gleam of pride in his he admired his imagination coming to life.
Yep, he went out trick or treating, as spider man..of course..spider man was pretty busy..all over the world..collecting treats from far and wide.
He has to be a be in so many places and in the heart of so many children.
Sammy's Janeway trip..there was so much to process, when we got back..and we were both tired from the long distances from the hostel the hospital..that had to be walked or wheel chaired..and Sammy developed bad blisters on his feet from all the walking..told me..all I want to do ..momma is rest my feet...they hurt so bad..
and that is what him and momma did..for the first few days..
I had lots of my concerns addressed re: my little sunshine..we did not get it all done..but got some major stuff out of the way..
I am not sure of my emotions..regarding some of it..I am not even sure why..but..
I do know that I am happy to know..that my concerns were indeed justified..
At the school they gave Sammy IQ Grade 5 and tested him as a 70..which is almost borderline..but it was a very big jump from the 5o he had a year before and I really questioned my heart..I was reading reports..that stated he knew how to recite and sing his ABC's and 123's but at home..where he was more relaxed and more comfortable in his room I would silently listen without him knowing..and knew..what the reports said were not true..he was not able to do either..and I had been told that it was impossible for a child to have made such a gap...but they were telling me he could..and that his only problem was his behaviour...
His testing at the Janeway confirmed that he is indeed functioning at a 51 level..which is about a 5 or 6 year old level..and that I will have to redo his home schooling to a preschool level..
They asked my permission to contact the school board..
How I am feeling...? It is good to know..that my concerns were not just that of an overprotective mother..which I am sure..I would be or may have been viewed as..
It is sad..that I am back to where I was when I first sent him to school...
It hurts that those first years when his brain had the chance to recreate new neuropathways..up to the age of 12..was his school time..
Sammy will be 12 years old in a few weeks..He looks like a 14 year old..He is functioning at a 5 or 6 year old level...I am so know..where he really is in his mind..and what he is really capable of..I am sad..that they from him at school that he was not capable of doing..and was damaging his self esteem and confidence..and did not give him opportunities to experience success..that really hurts..but I think what hurts even that..they pushed at us so hard..that they actually distorted the way..we saw our insisting..he could do better..and that he just would not cooperate...and that his testing they did proved that they were right..
I don't know..what to say..about that..
I really don't...and although..I know how dreadfully wrong it is..that I have to stay focused ...and move forward with it for his benefit..
So home schooling him is focused around building his confidence and self him opportunities to experience success..and restoring his confidence in himself..I is going to be harder..though to restore his confidence in others..
He is busy planning his birthday party...
He wanted lots of each month I have been picking up a little bit ..for him..and this month..even is not something I can afford..I picked up the big 100 dollar pack..this will be a birthday he will visually remember for a very long come..
he is all excited about it..
and it gives me great opportunities to teach him little things...too..
He is in love with magic school bus
On the plane going out..I bought a you know what..he let me read it to is the first time..he has let me read to almost 4 years..I was so happy inside..and we had lots of mom..being jughead..when we spoke..
He loved the plane..was a gentleman..through the whole trip..
Each day at the end of the day..he crossed of the day on his schedule and would count how many more days until he would see his daddy again..
His father is his strength..his momma his heart..!
We are expecting..part of that storm..from the tropical storm in Labrador on Sunday.
My arthritic bones tells me it is coming..and only with real major changes in weather do I feel it in my wrists which I do am going to cut post short and give them a some nice warm heating pad..while I watch some of my favorite shows..
in a few days, I will post some more about our trip..some photos..we took..etc..
Have a great week..! Thank you for all the, guidance and kindness, you have so blessed my family with..


ida macken said...

I am so happy to see you back Joanne, I have had you and Sammy in my thoughts and prayers. I'm glad to hear that they wanted to contact that school board ! I hope someone gives the school and ear full! You take care and get some rest now, hope you all don't get too much of that storm. {{{{Hugs}}}} for you & Sammy !;-))

And thank you for the new kit !

ida macken said...

Right after hit post I realized I forgot to add how cute your layout is with Sammy & his pumpkin !
I know what you mean also about digital camera's capturing those moments that we might miss ;-))

shirley said...

Love the pumpkin page and Sammy has the greatest smile!!! Check your bog all the time, glad you are back. I would love to send Sammy a birthday card if you think that would be okay? Thank you for the wonderful kit.

kinderdoodle said...

I am so glad the two of you made it home safely. Get some well deserved rest and tell Sammy I'm so proud of him being such a gentleman for Mom on the trip. And how great that he is listening to stories again and to keep up the good work! Linda/AR

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for the awesome kit!!!!
It's great to see you & Sammy made it to & back safely!!!
Love the LO of Sammy!!!!!
Will keep you all in my prayers!!!
Sammy will be better in the long run now that you've gotten some answer's it just will take time & patience!!!!!
HUGS FOR YOU BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

makeyesup said...

Oh you must be so relieved to know that your instincts on your child have been documented as correct. It's going to be a tough road building up that self esteem; however, am sure that you can do it. It's such a shame that the system we believe can help mold our children can also damage them.

marilyn said...

First of all, thanks for this wonderful Halloween kit.
I am glad you and Sammy are home safe and sound and that although it must have been painful to hear the things you did about his progress, you now have a place to start with his home schooling again. I'm sure his self esteem will improve as you work with him on items he is capable of learning.

cindyrelly said...

Thank you for sharing about your story and your trip ;) As parents, we do the best we know how with our children but ultimately they are only on loan to us and really belong to God. You are doing an awesome job so don't feel bad and just keep loving your boy!! Oh, and I am sooooo glad that Noel has finally left us alone. That storm just aggravated my sinuses all last week off the coast of Florida ( and took some nice chunks out of some Ocean Front properties ~ not me ~ I'm not on the beach ). Hope you feel better soon :)

Pugsli said...

As a mother, grandmother, and retired teacher, the best thing we can do for a child is let them suc-ceed! We (adults) get so involved in getting ahead and being the best of everything. We don't stop and think about the real person and what success might mean to them. If someone walks around happy all the time, is that not success? Is success always getting ahead or might it really be taking time to enjoy all God has given us? We (adults) need to give GENTLE pushes to our children to help them succeed in this life, but we MUST make sure they have successes along with failures so they realize they are a worthful part of our world. Also, we should let them follow their dreams, not ours. Sorry about this being sooooooo long, but it truly touched my heart!

tajicat said...

Hugs to you! I pray you will have the strength to deal with this and at least you know. All of my children were a challenge in some ways and especially my first. It is awful the way that parents have to work so hard at times to get help for their children. He sounds like a wonderful child! He is lucky to have a caring family.

Lucy goosie said...

I stopped by to see how your trip went...looks like you both are well and happy. sorry to hear about Sammy's test score, at least you know you were right in your heart...goodluck to you and wish Sammy a happy birthday from me and my family...Lucy.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Just leavin a little lovin on my daily visit today to wish you & your family

Anonymous said...

Where O Where are you. We have not heard from you in over a month. Sure hope little Sammy is doing ok.