Monday, May 28, 2007

My Mother's Hands

My Mother's Hands
Template from Hilma Rose.
Kit Abiding Memories from Designer Lara Payton available
Lara has some new beautiful kits case you have not been there in a bit..her new cookery my favourite...Abiding Memories I have really enjoyed.
Font Duality from Larabie my side bar.
Mom is the little girl on your left..and with her sisters.
thank you all for your kindness, patience and understanding while I get myself up and running about again..Your comments have truly been appreciated..and have touched my heart...
It is nice to know..such kind people and have people in your life that still believes in kindness..and are treasured..more then gold in our changing world.


olga9999 said...

It's a great and clean layout. Very subtle in the colours, just the pattern in the mat to embellish the whole page. Really beautiful. :) I also like the frame and the nice decorations it has in the corners and the journalling. :)

It's a wonderful tribute. :)

Thanks a million for sharing the layout with us and best wishes. :o)

BelindasScrapz said...

Beautiful layout I get to comment first wow..that is a first for me it almost leaves me did your mother died when i was 4 so i never knew her and my father well he did the best he could he was literally walking wounded from the war mentaly at least...I thank you so much for the gifts you give us in these beautiful kits and for all you share with us you are very kind to do so especially when I am sure there are days you dont even feel like it

Lisa said...

Joanne, What a sweet layout...thanks so much for sharing!!