Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

Thank you to long time scrapping friend and a awesome creative scrapper..for nominating me for the thinking blogger award.
She shares wonderful freebies..and every time I visit her site..I am inspired..and also go away wishing I could be at the cabin with her and one of her wonderful home cooked meals..Thank you Jannidee.
I wish, I could pick five..but I can't pick just five..because there are just to many lovely people out there that inspire me..and during this last month..I have to say..that comments I received here on my blog and in 4 shared have dearly touched my heart in so many ways and helped me so much during this difficult time in my I nominate all the people who took time to leave comments and take the time to leave comments..For their thoughtfullness..and I bet you I spelled that wrong..smiles...Your kind words..have been dearly appreciated and treasured in my heart. Thank You. I also nominate all the girls who take the time to list my blog and allow you to visit and for us to meet, all the wonderful people who inspire each other and share and care..for there really are so many kind and wonderful people in this world..and it is a privelage to give something back..I hope to have my freebie post coming soon..thank you...


JanMary said...


Just popping over to say Hi from Lara's group. Lovely blog - I already had picked up your freebie for miles - just hadn't realised you were also in the Dusty Bear group. I see you already have a link to my blog listed - thanks.

The poem you wrote about your hands and your mum is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

Hugs to you at this difficult time.

Colleen said...

First I love the name of your blog, must have missed the email with the link my yahoo acts strange by times. Haven't have a chance to really seek my teeth into it but I will. Just busy setting up a new laptop, printer , fixing problems with her desktop and installing a router and network. Keep running into problems so far have over 7 hrs on it and still not done. Today hopefully. Will leave more comments as I look. I will reply to email when I get a few, when there is nothing pressing on my time, hate not getting things done.

Boni said...

Hi I just wanted to see how you are doing ....this is a hard time for thoes of us who have lost our moms I am thinking of you and praying that you will find some softness at this time

Lisa said...

I want to just second whay boni said....I know this Mother's Day will be hard for you and I pray that you can find the strength from the wonderful memories in your heart to get through it.