Thursday, September 13, 2007


All Photo bend it's used in today's post can be purchased at Lara's lovely dusty bear!
They are very practically and an awesome scrap item that I find many uses for.
Kindness is the most beautiful gift in life we have to offer one another..
This was a ramp that was built for Sammy several years the Salvation Army's Men's Happy Valley- Goose Bay.


Scrapper4Life said...

Sam is a wonderful child and he has wonderful parents. Shame on your province for allowing the educational and health system to fail him. It is those among us who need an extra hand which should make everyone appreciate the blessings and health we enjoy. I can not understand how a school (I am a teacher in a college in the US) can be so callous and uncaring.
I meet people with special needs all the time here at my college and I am appalled that people would turn their back on someone. I feel a special joy when I can help someone who needs the help and who appreciates the help and it is my greatest reward when I see him/her succeed. Perhaps these so called teachers there need to remember that teaching is not just a job, but a calling. With a smile, a touch, a friendly word, some encouragement teachers can change lives and make someone's day a brighter one. Shame on those who neglect caring for those entrusted to them.
My heart aches for Sam, and the only comfort I draw is from your commitment to him, from your love which shines through every word you type. I applaud you and want you to know you will always be in my thoughts, as will he.
He truly is an angel, and his story hopefully will touch many and enough of us will cry out against a system which does not care and mistreats him.

God Bless you and Sam

All my love
Mandy aka Scrapper4Life

EAL Designs2 said...

This is horrible, I'm just so mad for you it's not funny. Might I make a suggestion. Go lodge formal complaints with both your MP and MPP, show the picture, tell them what has happened and demand that they do something, and keep bugging them till they do. Also I would go to the school board, and their meetings and lodge a complaint there. Sometimes just dealing with the school itself isn't enough, they're meatheads, I swear. We had a case where my daughter was swarmed by 7 other girls, the school did nothing so we went to the school board. Another time a teacher was teaching about bullying and how it wasn't proper behaviour. 10 minutes after the lecture he started making fun of one of the girl students infront of the whole class. The girl was so upset she ran out crying (this was in grade 8 at a Catholic school).
My daughter stood up for this girl, as she was picked on and bullied quite a lot, to see the teacher do it right after a lecture on bullying, well she stood up and said, "you hypacrite, how dare you bully her"
Well he freaked out at my daughter, started screaming at her and sent her to the office. Then when she was back in class he saw her cell phone (which was off) in her purse, he demanded she give it to him. She told him what we told her to, "I have permission to have this, if you have a problem here I'll call my parents right away" again he freaked on her. Well we went to the school to file a complaint, and wanted a meeting with the teacher, he refused to speak either with my husband and myself, so fine, my husband went to the principal's office and said, look I'm not leaving till I speak to both of you this is urgent! Finally he came down. Then my husband taught them a lesson. Bullying by a teacher causes more suicides by students then bullying by other students, he told him about a specific case we had worked on, and he appologized to my daughter, and the girl and never bullyed her again. My poor daughter still suffered discrimination from this teacher though, he refused to give us extra time (5 months before the school trip) to pay for it, we wanted to pay 2 weeks after the date he said, yet they did it for my 2nd eldest the next year, and my daughter who had never been in trouble (unit that one incident), and had the highest grades was not given validictorian because of what happened, instead it was given to someone who had poor grades, and had got in trouble numerious times, why, because her mom bought him gold cufflinks.
I didn't give him the chance to repeat his actions with my 2nd eldest the next year I told him, "you treat her like you did the first one and I'll have your job!".
Sometimes you have to take it as high as you can, and with their actions you bet I would.
Good luck, and blessings
Lisa, in Ontario.

BelindasScrapz said...

I cant even find the words to say how much it hurt to see that on your son. I know that being a mother my first reaction would be to check and make sure he is ok. I can not understand the people who are so cold to the children they are supposed to be caring for. I dont understand why it is they think that children who are special needs be it in language, whatever do not deserve the same respect and kindness as those who are so called normal every day average kids. I think you are an amazing family and I am glad that you will be trying to home school Sammy. His bright smile just lights up my screen.
Give him big hugs and heres one for you. I know your job is not an easy one.