Saturday, June 25, 2011

I have not posted for such a very long time, but Im still here..but very sick..Im struggling to stay alive..I have cysts on my kidneys, every lymph in my body is swollen, I have tumors on my adrenal glands, and most likely a tumor on my pit gland, as my ctscan shows an enlarged pit gland, I have been almost 3 years, struggling to get diagnosied and treated for cushing can learn more about cushing syndrome here. if not for this wonderful group and a women who cared enough about others and women that support each other, I most likely would have died by now. Rural Canada, it is very hard to get diagnosied and treated for anything rare and even harder if it effects your get labeled and you cannot get past being labeled for serious much needed investigations to take place..most people die and end up being a statistic...thank you for any of you..that pray for me..and I hope one day to share some nice freebies again...thank you for prayers..please start a prayer chain for me..God has been holding my hand through this..I know..he do answer the prayers of many..

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