Thursday, September 13, 2007

Day of Beginnings

A Day of New Beginnings
How little we know what the future will bring
when our little ones are born into this world
We hold them with love in our hearts
and hope nothing but the best for them.

I remember so much putting my hand over his little heart and his daddy putting his hand on top of mine and feeling the love of God flowing between us as we were eternally bonded in Gods Love

The love of a father, mother and child.

You look forward to watching them grow, make their first steps, seeing their first smile and saying their first words.

There is no miracle more beautiful.

This photo is one of my most cherished photos which I carry in my wallet.

It is the first time he was held by his parents, seconds after his birth.

I looked at Mario with tears falling from those beautiful blue eyes of his.

Proud to place Sammy in my arms.

This is family, this is what life is all about.

My Sunshine, my rain, my morning dew, my evening stars.

Through good times and through hard times

Faith keeps you strong

when life lets you down

You carry your woes with the grace of a women.

Understanding his forgiveness as you forgive others.

Understanding his faith is your faith and that the strength you gain by letting and trusting in the Lord, that he will give you not more then you can handle, you push yourself forward until you look back and realize that there were indeed two footprints in the sand.


EAL Designs2 said...

These are wonderful, thank you so much for sharing them with us
Hugs, Lisa

Cher said...

You rake Sammy and teach hi - and I bet you he willbe fine without - integration - when he is ready for colege - early as my dd did - in tenth grade - he will be much beter - and because of what he has been through you will poly find he has aged before his time - is ok - drive hin to the local community college - pick him up - if that is what will happen then - you are not over-protective - you are a mother - you care. period.
love and gentle hugs -
cher in austin, tx