Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Wolf Within

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Sorry I have been missing in action..the little one is finished school...for both me and him..that means a big load of stress of our minds..and we have been just enjoying it...
He hates school..smiles...and I am not to fussy about them either up there..
We managed to make some small progress...but in true reality a parent should not have to advocate so get basic care and things others are trained to do..done..
Sammy has not had a speech thearpy in two years..
he has not had a educational assessment done in two years..not a speech assessment done..
but promises have been made have them done at the beginning of the year..
I am not sure..if I want him returning to that school..I have my reasons..but have the summer to think about it all..and now just want to enjoy him...and for a bit..
Wolf dear hubby...loves wolves...him and sammy's recreation area are full of them
For a few years I used to paint wolves for christmas time..they are pretty popular around here....but the more I got into digital art..the more...I let go of my regular painting..and then I challenged myself to do a digital tole painting of one of my favorite poses...and I dug it out the other day..and created it into a paper set to share with you..
In my mind it was a bit of a challenge to what frames and elements would go with such a I left it as is...and hope that it can be something..that you will have other things..that you can use to create with it...hope you the wolve spirit..that I think lives somehow with in us all in harmony with mother earth..
Walk softly on mother earth..for it is tomorrow our children's
I should be around a bit more this week...and have some other goodies to share..
Thank you the lovely ladies who kindly give of their time to list freebies..they are diamonds in our gardens..and thank you to all my visitors...and all of you who unconditionally leave me kind are special...and thought of as I create things to share..
Thank you with all of my heart..for our days and nights are brighter just by having you in my world...
Enjoy..and see you soon!


Jannidee said... sorry to hear about the absence of good education for your son. Unfortunately, I think all education is sorely lacking these days! What a wonderful Mom you are to fight so hard for Sammy...maybe you have a little wolf in you as well! These are beautiful! Hugs and love coming your way!

donwilmom said...

I love your beautiful papers. The painting of the wolf is very good. I am going to get my imagination in gear and see what I can come up with. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day for us. Enjoy your time with Sammy! They grow up all too fast.

Scrapcat4914 said...

TYFS these awesome BG's!!!
Enjoy your summer with your son school will start before you know it!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love wolves as well. I just love these papers you made.
thank you so much for all your hard work.

olga9999 said...

It's a beautiful wolf, and the texture of the papers is really nice. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. :)

About Sammy, considering the how things are in his school it could be a good idea to check whether he might find himself happier in another school and it might be of help for him. He has special needs and they should provide the help that he needs If there is a choice it's a good idea to consider a change of school. :)

In the meantime enjoy the time with him and your husband:)

Thanks so much for everything and best wishes. :o)

Pascaline said...

That's a marvellous papers !!!
Thanks for sharing...
If you want I've got some little freebie on my blog for you...

patchas said...

These are so perfect for photos I took in Denali Park in Alaska. A hungry wolf chasing a mama caribou and her calf. Thank you so much for this and all you share.

Sansai said...

I love the papers! thank you for sharing :)

Cyn said...

Great papers ty!!!

LadyRedstone said...

Hi Joanne,
Thank you for all the wonderful shares, I'm glad I found you.
There is a lot to be said about a strong advocate for a person with special needs and it seems that the problems are increasing in all areas of Canada. I can relate.
I do not have a blog or such but do have a site where I store my layouts dedicated to my little boy and you are welcome to visit anytime. (http://tinyurl.Com/2tq3c4)
Sending warm thoughts and hugs to you and your Sammy,