Saturday, February 17, 2007

Circle by Circle

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I am so please that I finally got a layout done, I have been wanting to try something in basic black and try my hand at journaling. My son is the love of my life - the sunshine of every minute, he is so innocent and so loving. Font is Elante which came with a program I purchased called Print Artist Gold from Sierra, which is no longer available.

It is pretty simple, I know but I like how this turned out and have uploaded the drop shadowed frames I made to make it to share with others. Feel free to use as you wish. no credit needed.
If I have made spelling errors, please forgive me, I have not been the same in the past few years and they really need to put a spell checker in psp...smiles...

You can download it here.

My sister enjoys singing and several years ago when a family member of ours was overseas wrote a song about it. It is a lovely song and I have permission to share it with other mothers who may have children who are away fighting the war. I am sorry I cannot preview it...but you are welcome to download it here . It is called a Soliders Mothers Prayer.
Thank you to those that have left comments, they truly are appreciated and bring me pleasure.

To the person who inquired about the bow template, I will try to upload in the next few days some bow things I have been working on. Again, thank you.

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Tammy D. said...

Oh what a cute page!!!