Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Story of Sara's Garden Kit

I thought I would post one of the kits I did before I set up my blog.
S is for Sara. It also stands for Saving. I must tell a story about this kit. For a long time there was this old rusty trunk, in the basement of this home, after a women died, her friends were given the chance one by one to go in a pick through the things she had that they could use for themselves. Each went in and picked what they best thought they would be able to use. Every one by passed the old rusty trunk in the basement. The last person to visit looked around with fond memories, she saw a picture on the wall, it was not a real nice picture, but the frame was beautiful and she thought to herself, I can recycle that nice frame with a print I have that will make it stand out and look just right, she added the frame to the pile of stuff she was collecting and putting in a box. She saw a little tiny piggy bank..very small about 2 inches,not a very pretty thing but she thought it was just the right size to give to a small child some day and that it would bring much happiness.
At last going to the basement, which looked old and dusty, there was still all kinds of things all over the place, this lady saved everything, believing it all had a purpose to someone someday.
She saw in a corner - in the dark light of the basement a rusty old trunk, she looked inside to find old blankets, and she thought to herself..these blankets once washed can be made into warm quilts for cold nights. She brought the trunk upstairs and placed it with the box of things she had collected. Looking on the counter, she saw and old tea pot, carefully she placed it in the box, thinking to herself that I will always be able to sit down and have a tea with you and remember you.
At home later that day, she went through her box of treasures that were given to her by someone special that had passed on from sickness in life. Carefully she examined the frame, gentled cleaned it and found the print she long saved of women gathering up small grains of rice from the leftovers of rice harvest to feed their families. It was perfect for the frame..she removed the back and discovered under the old not so pretty picture that was in there..a beautiful limited addition print..worth money. She carefully stored the print and put in her picture of the women gathering rice to feed their families and hung it over the table...After washing the tea pot she made a pot of tea. She sat to the table with her tea, and proudly looked at the picture with it's new frame. It was so perfect, for it would remind her, always to be thankful for the little bits of rice that could feed the world...and to be thankful for the meals and food God so Blessed her with to feed her family.
She quitely enjoyed her tea and reflected on the moments she had once shared with her friend, proud to have have had the opportunity in life, to have been able to meet and share with such a wonderful person. While sitting and reflecting, she played with the little piggy bank, it was so small it would most likely hold only about 20 pennies, just perfect she thought for a little one some day..while she played with the bank..she heard it jingle, there were several small coins in there, she managed to shake them out. Here on the table sat two very valuable coins. Carefully she took them and placed them in her bible.
Having finished her tea, She went to take out the blankets from the old trunk so she could wash them and make sure they found a good home. As she took out the blankets she noticed that the stickers on the trunk were very, very ,old and belonged to someone very special,who had made many advances in medical care, she realized that this ole trunk was indeed just the greatest of treasure of all for the right person. Carefully it was stored for the day when it found where it would belong.
Feeling tired from her day, she fell fast asleep. She was not well and even though she tried to say how sick she was and how tired she was all the time no one could see past how she looked to notice that something was wrong with her..She silently accepted being sick and resolved that someday she would just die as she no longer could stay awake or do anything and her body was sore and tired. She grew sicker by each day...and almost died.....Until one day in her garden, she had the chance to meet Sara. Sara saw more then the rusty old trunk of a body that layed before her,and because she did she was able to listen without judgement to her and see what had made the women so sick all those long 9 years and she was able to help her get better. For the first time in years the women was able to stay awake in days, she was able to really sleep and not walk around in life like she was a zombie and so she was given a new chance at life. After she spent 3 days in ICU and 3 weeks in hospital she came home and she cried, finally someone knew what was wrong with her, finally she was going to get a chance to get better. She sat on the edge of her bed and tears softly fell from her eyes as she was crying she noticed the old trunk by the foot of her bed and she knew ..where the old trunks home was meant to be. That christmas, thankful to be alive ... she placed the old trunk on the door of the young doctors step, with a big red bow on it..
For having seen more then a rusty old trunk.
So S if for of the most special people in my Garden of she gave me back my life...for which each new day that I am here is appreciated.
Each of us has the chance to be special in someones Garden if we choose to be. Thank you for being one of the flowers in my Garden.


Jannidee said...

Beautiful story and a beautiful kit. Thank you, JoAnne, for sharing both!

Lucy said...

I enjoyed your story and the kit is wonderful. Thank you.

PatriciaKay said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. So happy to be
one your flowers in your garden :)
of life.

Sharon-shutterbug said...

This story sounds really incredible - I'd love to see a longer, more complete version of it some day (it was a little hard to follow). Thanks so much for sharing it! :)